Albert Chekai Ensnared in Yet Another Sexual Harassment Scandal as ZBC Sexgate Escalates
6 October 2023
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By A Correspondent| In a shocking twist to the scandalous ZBC sexgate, another top dog has been caught in the storm of accusations!

Albert Chekai, the newly appointed Director of News and Current Affairs, is now under the spotlight, and the heat is on!

The tempestuous ZBC sexgate initially ensnared Director of Radio Services, Robson Mhandu, accused of sexual harassment by a radio presenter seeking a transfer. But now, the flames have engulfed Chekai, who received his suspension papers at his very doorstep just two days ago, according to reports.

Whispers of sexual misconduct have long haunted the hallways of the state broadcaster, and it seems the dam has burst. Chekai’s suspension papers are just the beginning, as insiders predict a number heads will roll in the wake of these allegations.

Chekai was in 2022, allegedly entangled in romantic liaisons with another female presenter at ZBC with Goodness and Mercy Ministries founder, Prophet Tapiwa Freddy, dropping a bombshell during court proceedings, alleging a love triangle involving Chekai and presenter Rutendo Makuti.

During the gripping cross-examination, Freddy’s lawyer, Everson Chatambudza, threw a punch, confronting Makuti about her alleged romantic involvement with Chekai with the courtroom gasping as the shocking details emerged which painted a vivid picture of tangled love affairs within the state broadcaster’s walls.