Biti’s Masvingo Mayor Collen Maboke Accused of Murder
2 May 2024
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Tendai Biti’s Masvingo Mayor Collen Maboke Accused of Attempted Murder by ZANU PF Youth Chairperson

Masvingo, Zimbabwe— In a dramatic turn of events, ZANU PF Masvingo Provincial Youth chairperson Delight Mandebvu, currently facing legal issues himself, has accused Masvingo Mayor Collen Maboke, associated with Tendai Biti, of attempted murder. The accusation came to light after Mandebvu was involved in an automobile incident with Maboke’s vehicle on March 3, 2024, along the Masvingo-Mutare Highway.

The Accuser

Mandebvu, who is dealing with three counts of assault and a charge of negligent driving from a separate incident, reported the attempted murder allegation against Mayor Maboke only after receiving a court summons for his assault charges. According to Mandebvu, the conflict arose when their vehicles side-swiped approximately 50km from Masvingo. He alleges that Maboke, after an ensuing altercation, tried to run him over, resulting in a broken leg.

The Masvingo Police Spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa, the Mirror reports, has stated that he is currently reviewing the details of the report. Police were initially hesitant to file the attempted murder charge, which was only accepted after the intervention of the Law and Order Section.

This case gains complexity as Mandebvu was reportedly pursuing Maboke’s vehicle, driven by Maboke’s wife Tariro, when the side-swipe occurred. Mandebvu allegedly assaulted Maboke, his wife, and a relative after forcing their vehicle to stop. During the altercation, Mandebvu was struck by another vehicle, resulting in his injuries.

Mandebvu, who has a history of legal challenges including accusations of stock theft and disorderly conduct, now finds his credibility under scrutiny. This incident adds to a series of controversial interactions involving ZANU PF officials, where accusations and legal actions often intertwine with political tensions.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission has noted an alarming trend in such cases, particularly highlighting issues at the Gutu Police Station, where complainants against ZANU PF are frequently arrested and turned into accused.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the community watches closely, given the high-profile nature of the accusations and the individuals involved. The case is set to be heard in court next Wednesday, promising further developments in this contentious matter.