President ED’s Joke On Rigging Elections Is Normal, Says Dr Mavaza | FULL TEXT
18 October 2023
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**Opinion: Examining President Mnangagwa’s Light-hearted Approach to Politics**

By Dr. Masimba Mavaza | President Mnangagwa’s recent jest about election rigging during a gathering with business executives in Victoria Falls has stirred a mixed response. While some quarters have criticized it as an inappropriate admission, it’s crucial to view it in the context of humor and the President’s jovial demeanor.

The incident unfolded during the President’s address to business leaders when he playfully mentioned the topic of rigged elections. The opposition swiftly seized upon this statement, elevating it to a confession of electoral manipulation. However, it’s essential to clarify that ZANU PF is primarily known for winning elections, not rigging them. Allegations of rigging often emerge from losing parties as they grapple with defeat.

President Mnangagwa is well-known for his humor, often peppering his speeches with jokes to engage his audience. Humor is a humanizing tool, and it allows the President to establish a rapport with those he addresses, breaking down barriers that often exist between leaders and their audiences.

In the United States, a “National Presidential Joke Day” is observed annually on August 11th. This unofficial holiday acknowledges and celebrates the humor occasionally displayed by American presidents, even in the highest office. These moments of wit, whether spontaneous or carefully crafted, can humanize political figures and make them more relatable to the public.

President Mnangagwa is no stranger to the power of humor. He frequently lightens the atmosphere during his speeches, turning what could be somber occasions into more relaxed and engaging interactions. His jokes and quips are well-received by many, endearing him to the public as a leader who can make people laugh and break the tension.

The recent incident where some American press and social media misinterpreted the President’s remarks highlights the importance of understanding the context and the intent behind such humor. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan’s famous “bombing” joke during a sound check sparked an international incident. However, it was later recognized as a humorous misstep, leading to the establishment of National Presidential Joke Day.

Jokes by presidents are not universal and are often unique to the individual. In President Mnangagwa’s case, his humor reflects his character and personal style, and it may not translate the same way if repeated by others.

Laughter and humor, well-delivered, can enhance a president’s likability and credibility. Humor fosters a sense of connection between leaders and their audiences, making political figures more relatable and fostering a shared understanding. When a president makes people laugh, it suggests that they can govern in a way the public appreciates.

In summary, President Mnangagwa’s recent jest about election rigging should be understood in the context of his humor and style. While some may misconstrue it, it is a reflection of his down-to-earth and approachable demeanor. The use of humor in political discourse is a valuable tool, one that can bridge the divide between leaders and the people they serve.