Dambudzo Troubles Nation
9 November 2023
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Hon Johnson Matambo
MP Kuwadzana

In Parliament on Wednesday 08 November I submitted a policy question.

My question was pertaining to the recent announcement by ED that Army General Phillip Valerio Sibanda is now an ex officio member of Zanu PF.

Indeed the Leader of Government business in the House Minister Hon Felix Mhona admitted that no serving Civil Servant should be active in politics and must resign before joining Politics.

In my supplementary question I probed why the President had clearly violated the Constitution by announcing that Army General VP Sibanda was now a member of Zanu Pf.

In his response Leader of Government business indicated that Senior Army Officials are not civil servants.

Involvement of the Military in Politics is a grave and dangerous mistake as precedence in other Countries like Nigeria saw participation of the Military creating monsters like Sani Abacha and Ibrahim Bhabhangida.

The barrel of the gun has been on numerous occasions been cited as the tool which brought Independence to Zimbabwe. This makes it clear that the current regime and government believe in utilizing ammunition for attainment of Power