Change Eating Habits, Zimbabweans Warned
14 November 2023
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ZIMBABWEANS have been urged to review their eating habits following research which claims that fast foods are one of the major causes of non-communicable diseases.

As the world grapples with the burden of non-communicable diseases that are claiming lives, calls are being amplified for people to change their eating habits to reduce infections associated with diabetes and hypertension among other diseases.

“I have survived with diabetes and BP for 27 years now. This is so because I eat mostly traditional foods and wild fruits,” said a diabetes patient.

“I was diagnosed with diabetes 11 years ago and the best drink for me is water. Taking alcohol is risking one’s health. People should follow recommended diets and take their medicines religiously,” said another diabetes patient.

With 10 in every 100 people being estimated to have diabetes in the country, the Zimbabwe Diabetes Association believes more awareness campaigns are needed, a position shared by Mutasa North legislator, Honourable Obey Bvute.

A counsellor, Evangelist Matsenga said, “Diabetic and BP patients should not panic but should start to live healthy lifestyles. Most people are not aware of their conditions hence the need for more campaigns.”

Zimbabwe Diabetic Association national vice chairperson, Bishop Jeremiah Matenhese said, “We are eating junk food that is causing health complications such as diabetes, BP, and cancers. The remedy is to go back to our Zimbabwean foods.”

Honourable Bvute said, “The message is for people to go back to traditional or natural foods. Non-communicable diseases are preventable if people shun sugar. People are being encouraged to exercise as well. The rest of Africa is struggling with GMOs, and we should all shun them.”

Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Advocate Misheck Mugadza called for increased awareness on safe health practices.

“Diabetes is a silent killer disease, and we all need to be checked regularly to know our standing. The way these non-communicable diseases are claiming lives is alarming and every citizen must be on high alert to live a healthy life. Diabetes brings blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes amputations among other complications. We all have a responsibility to manage our diets and shun fast foods. There is a need for the agriculture sector to focus more on traditional grains among other crops with health benefits,” said Advocate Mugadza.

Meanwhile, the government hinted on plans to ensure that people living with diabetes can access free medication to reduce deaths that are caused by the condition.-ZBC News