95 Years For Notorious Robbers
26 November 2023
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TWO armed robbers who also raped some of their female victims have been jailed for 95 years.

McDonald Mutarangani Hukuimwe aged 32 and 28-year-old Trymore Nkomazani who committed a spate of robberies in Harare will spend the better part of their lives behind bars after a Harare magistrate deemed them a threat to society.

The pair did not only commit robbery, but went on to rape their female victims.

For nine counts of robbery, the pair was sentenced to 72 years each and an additional 20 years for rape.

They were also handed another three year jail for malicious damage to property and impersonating a police officer which brings their sentence to 95 years in prison.

The magistrate noted that the pair deserves to be incarcerated as they are habitual offenders who have not shown any remorse.

Earlier this month another robber and rapist Goodwill Mhandu was sentenced to a cumulative 71 years before some were suspended, leaving him to serve an effective 34 years behind bars.

Legal experts believe such deterrent sentences will help scare off would-be offenders.