John Mugogo Attorneys Facing Allegations of Misappropriating Client’s Funds
29 November 2023
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By A Correspondent| John Mugogo Attorneys is embroiled in a legal dispute over allegations of misappropriating trust funds. The firm is accused of failing to deliver a payment made through the firm to settle a debt.

The payment was made last year by Wynester Trading Private Limited, on behalf of the Murwira family, who were clients of John Mugogo Attorneys in a farming joint venture.

Despite the payment of US$3,969 being made to the family in October 2022, only US$1,500 has been disbursed.

According to the family’s executor, Phillip Murwira, John Mugogo Attorneys became evasive after receiving the payment.

“Initially, they denied receiving the money, prompting us to seek proof of payment from Wynester Trading. Once we presented the evidence, they acknowledged receiving the funds and admitted to paying US$1,500,” Murwira explained.

“However, they subsequently blocked all communication channels, leaving us with no choice but to reach out to them through the media,” he added.

Efforts to obtain a comment from John Mugogo proved futile as he declined numerous attempts by the publication to seek his response.