Mnangagwa Posts Wrong Signal To World
5 December 2023
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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe continues to adopt holistic and creative solutions to reduce emissions as the world battles climate change.

He was addressing the Group of 77 and China Meeting at the ongoing United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai.

The ongoing UN Climate Change Conference saw the Group of 77 and China coming together with heads of state making presentations on their climate change action plans.

President Mnangagwa emphasised the need for the world to maintain focus on the necessary actions to deal with the climate change crisis, highlighting Zimbabwe’s commitment to reduce emissions.

“Amidst escalating conflicts, it is pertinent that we maintain focus on the actions that must be taken to mitigate this existential crisis of our generation. Zimbabwe continues to adopt holistic and creative solutions to reduce emissions, through increased investments in renewable energy, funding for climate action, and clear emission reduction targets,” he said.

The President also noted how Africa takes a huge blow from the effects of climate change, despite contributing the least to the crisis.

He added, “Firstly, for our region, Africa, despite having contributed the least to the ongoing climate crisis, continues to experience some of the worst losses and damages attributable to climate change. Therefore, the need to implement unfulfilled agreements, cannot be ignored.

“The First Global Stocktake is an invaluable opportunity to evaluate progress made with regard to mitigating and adapting to climate change. This must be used as a benchmark to confront challenges and meet gaps that still exist. Secondly, the climate finance mechanism demands our collective attention. Hurdles that hinder the flow of funds to developing countries must be removed.”

African countries continue to experience severe weather calamities as climate change takes its toll.

These include floods, cyclones, excessive heat and low rainfall which are threatening the continent’s food security.