DJ Ollah Breaks Silence on Purported Arrest in Viral Video
7 December 2023
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By Showbiz Reporter | In a live-streamed video, Dj Ollah has addressed the swirling rumours surrounding his alleged arrest, vehemently denying the claims. Clarifying the situation, he stated, “I was never arrested; I was only handcuffed and released shortly afterward.”

The incident unfolded at Joina City, where a dispute erupted between Dr. Ollah and law enforcement officers dealing with another driver’s arrest. According to Dr. Ollah, the unidentified driver reversed into his parked car, sparking a heated argument.

Shockingly, even a Good Samaritan who came to Dr. Ollah’s defense during the altercation found himself detained by the officers. Dj. Ollah shared that he was taken to the central police station, where a senior officer intervened, leading to his prompt release.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Dj. Ollah concluded his live video without addressing the fate of the man who had bravely defended him. Questions now linger about the well-being of the Good Samaritan and the circumstances surrounding his arrest. The incident has ignited public concern over the handling of the situation and raises broader questions about law enforcement practices in the area.