Madhadha Liquor Store faces arrest, defies Court order
11 December 2023
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Harare – POPULAR watering hole Madhadha Liquor Store propieter faces arrest following wanton disregard of the law and acting in complete negation of a standing eviction order.

The High Court ordered Madhadha to move its operations from Central Avenue, after several complaints from residents and business owners located in the vicinity of the joint.

The court noted that Madhadha’s operations were affecting the smooth flow of health delivery system since its located next to a vibrant medical facility.

However, weeks on, Madhadha is still operating from the same spot without a hinderance.

In undercover interviews conducted by this publication, shopkeepers gushed over their employer’s power to defy a court order.

“Hatibve zvekumhanya panapa tinotorema boss vedu zvinhu,” one shop attendant said.

While another dismissed assertions that they were interrupting medical processes next door.

“Vaida tibve tiendepi asi, hatina kana zvatinombokanganisa tongoita life yedu panapa isu.”

But in a survey over the past weekends, Madhadha operations are indeed interfering with next door medical facilities as imbibers are often seen urinating on surrounding trees, which culminates into a bad stench the following morning.

It’s against this background that one medical facity owner Innocent Zimbwa sought court intervention.