Mnangagwa’s Jah Prayzah Chimira DJ Back In Class, What Will He Teach Learners?
11 January 2024
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Tinashe Sambiri

DJ Masomere, renowned for his role in amplifying Emmerson Mnangagwa’s campaign tunes, has returned to Ndarama High School in Masvingo, resuming his position as a teacher.

This move has sparked curiosity among many, considering his prior accolades, including a brand-new vehicle and cash, bestowed upon him for his vocal support of Mnangagwa.

As schools open their doors for a new academic year, the question looms: Can DJ Masomere, the man who once spun political tunes on the campaign trail, harmonize effectively as an educator?

Masomere’s dual identity as both a DJ and a teacher raises intriguing possibilities.

While some may harbor doubts about his effectiveness in the classroom, others anticipate a unique blend of skills that could potentially engage and inspire learners.

The allure of a teacher who has shared stages with a political leader adds an unconventional dynamic to the traditional education landscape.

Will Masomere leverage his experiences on the campaign trail to bring a fresh perspective to the classroom?

Despite the perks he received for endorsing Mnangagwa, it is crucial to separate his political affiliations from his role as an educator.

Schools are spaces where knowledge and critical thinking should thrive independently of political bias.One cannot help but wonder what subjects DJ Masomere will teach and how he will incorporate his musical prowess into the academic realm.

Could there be a connection between politics and the curriculum in his classes? Or will he focus on imparting traditional academic subjects, leaving his political past behind?

As students embark on a new academic journey, they find themselves under the guidance of a teacher who has experienced the limelight of political rallies.

The challenge for DJ Masomere lies in balancing his role as an influential DJ with the responsibilities of a dedicated educator.In the end, the classroom will reveal whether DJ Masomere’s return to teaching is a discordant note or a harmonious blend of entertainment and education.