“Behind Qoki’s Closed Doors: Sithule’s Gauteng Laundering Scheme Busted”
12 January 2024
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By Nancy Ndaba | Sithule Tshuma, Founder and Director of the notorious pyramid, Qoki, along with company directors Karen Kumalo and Nompilo Moyo, orchestrated a money laundering scheme.

Sithule Tshuma money being smuggled

The 50 Qoki Mthwakazi women from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe were persuaded to invest their $10,000.00 life savings per person, totaling over $500,000, in various projects without receiving proper legal documentation.

Chunks of cash…

Despite Sithule’s assurances of due diligence by an expert team, including Bridget Dube (putative estate agent), Victor Masuku (putative Bulawayo City Council Town Planner), Portia Kumalo (Project manager), and Zibusiso Charles Ncube (Sithule’s Lawyer), they have not received necessary documentation for their investments since 2021.

Living luxuriously, Karen Kumalo, Sithule Tshuma, Portia Kumalo, Khonza Ndlovu, Emmaculate Tshuma…

Shockingly, some of the contributed funds were moved illegally from different parts of the world to South Africa, indicating that South Africa is Qoki’s primary hub for financial dealings. Sithule Tshuma reportedly involved her cousin, Nokuthula Eunice Buthelezi residing in Johannesburg, to carry the money wrapped around her body across the Beit Bridge border for the purchase of the bakery and butchery in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

“She took R500,000 wrapped it around her body and took it to Zimbabwe,” Sithule Tshuma says in a WhatsApp record

The women are now demanding their legal documentation and accountability to no avail. They are also stressing that money laundering is a serious offense. The individuals, including Sithule Tshuma, Karen Kumalo, Nompilo Moyo, Bridget Dube, Victor Masuku, Portia Kumalo, and Zibusiso Charles Ncube, among others, are urged to face legal consequences for their involvement in the scam. The investigation is ongoing as authorities work to bring all perpetrators to justice.