Prominent CCC Masvingo Change Champion Dies
13 January 2024
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Devastating News

Masvingo Citizens Coalition for Change party led by President Chamisa mourns veteran politician Mr Henry Damba

13 January 2024

Dr. Munyaradzi Chidarikire [Wezhira Munya]

It was a somber day in Masvingo as the Citizens Coalition for Change [CCC] mourned the loss of their esteemed member, Mr. Henry Damba. The news of his passing spread like wildfire, casting a pall of sadness over the entire community.

Today, the 13th of January 2024, the people of Masvingo and CCC family woke up to the heartbreaking announcement that their beloved brother had passed away early that morning at Dr. Madhombiro Surgery in Masvingo town.

Mr. Evans Chamisa, a prominent member of the CCC, confirmed the devastating news, saying, “Indeed, I can confirm that our beloved brother Henry Damba died today at Dr. Madhombiro in Masvingo town early this morning.”

The loss of Mr. Damba was felt deeply by his comrades and friends, leaving them in a state of shock and mourning.

Henry Damba, a veteran politician, had been residing in Runyararo West, ward 2, Masvingo West. He hailed from Mandamabwe, Chivi, and had been an integral part of the political landscape for many years.

Mr. Oliver Chirume, a close friend and former Gutu Central Member of Parliament, expressed his grief, stating, “Champion Henry Damba was sick for some time, and we are devastated about the news of his death. Rest in peace, my great friend.”

Mr. Damba had been among the first youth to join the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change), led by the late President Richard Morgan Tsvangirai. He played a vital role in the MDC’s youth leadership, serving under the able guidance of youth chair Nelson Chamisa. Throughout his political career, Mr. Damba rose through the ranks and held various leadership positions in Masvingo Province.

One of his significant contributions was spreading the gospel of MDC opposition politics in Chivi, alongside prominent figures like Mr. Chiondengwa, National organizer Amos Chibaya and Mr. Penememe.

In Masvingo West, he worked closely with CCC parliamentary candidate Mr. Pedzisai Gasva [Chifamba], former member of parliament Mr. Tichaona Mharadza, former Mayor Shantel Chiwara, and former Gutu Central Member of Parliament Mr. Oliver Chirume.

Mr Damba was a dedicated member of the CCC since its inception, working tirelessly to secure victories for the party in the harmonized elections in Masvingo West ward 2 and Chivi constituencies.

Mr. Damba’s commitment to the cause was evident as he attended all CCC rallies addressed by President Chamisa across Masvingo province. His unwavering support and hard work were greatly appreciated by his fellow party members.

Moses Mavhaire, a renowned lawyer and CCC Masvingo Central parliament candidate in 2023, reminisced about Mr. Damba’s dedication, saying, “Mr. Damba was a committed member of CCC led by President Chamisa. I remember he attended our President Chamisa’s campaign rally in Masvingo Central all the way from Chivi.”

In addition to his political involvement, Henry Damba was known for his fearlessness and outspoken nature. He was considered one of the chief political strategists in Masvingo Province, possessing a sharp mind and a keen understanding of the political landscape.

He was nicknamed Wiseman, for being political analyst.

Outside of politics, Mr. Damba was involved in property business ventures with his friend and former Gutu Central Member of Parliament, Mr. Oliver Chirume. Their partnership was a testament to their mutual trust and shared aspirations.

As the news of Henry Damba’s passing spread, the community was left in mourning. Burial arrangements were yet to be communicated, but the people held onto the memories of their beloved brother, friend, and political leader.

The writer of the article, a personal friend of Henry Damba, shared in the grief of the entire community. Together, they would remember the legacy left behind by a man who made a significant impact in the world of politics and beyond.