Insights For Successful Mining Investment…
23 January 2024
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  1. Approach Mining as a Business Venture

Investing in mining demands a business mindset for long-term and sustainable profits. Create an informal business plan, detailing necessary expenses and monitoring costs.

Identify a claim nearby, and resist the urge to invest far away without thorough consideration. Expanding your investment scope ensures involvement in all final production activities, enhancing overall success.

  1. Your Presence Matters

Gold, being a currency usable without purification, requires your continuous presence.

In areas like Zimbabwe, gold nuggets ranging from 5 points to 10 kg can be found. Being absent hinders oversight and accountability for production funded by your money.

Family members, though close, may not share your dedication and can pose risks such as theft or inadvertent disruption to production.

Actively participate from day one, understanding all risks and rewards associated with your mining venture.

  1. Prudent Monitoring Practices

Avoid unnecessary overspending on monitoring by optimizing your presence. Spending at least 6 hours daily at the mine proves more effective than frequent drives.

Utilize public transport for non-essential transactions, and consider increasing your investment scope to incorporate transportation costs.

Prepare for fluctuations in gold yields by planning wisely and establishing proper backup measures.

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