Welshman Ncube Throws Tshabangu Under The Bus
22 February 2024
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Acting president of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Professor Welshman Ncube, has refuted allegations that he was involved in Sengezo Tshabangu’s actions and responsible for the recalls of party representatives.

Contrary to claims that he and Tendai Biti orchestrated Tshabangu’s actions to undermine the party and target former party leader Nelson Chamisa, Professor Ncube clarified that he initially learned about the recalls from a friend abroad. Dismissing the possibility of Chamisa initiating the recalls, he investigated the matter further, only to find out that Tshabangu had indeed signed the letters without consulting party leadership.

Ncube recounted the unfolding of events during the second wave of recalls, which coincided with his mourning period for his late mother. Despite assurances from Tshabangu that he hadn’t initiated the recalls, the acting president later discovered that 23 individuals had been recalled. This revelation led Ncube to emphasize that Tshabangu was acting independently and not under anyone’s control.

Addressing the ongoing challenges within the party, particularly the Tshabangu issue, Professor Ncube stressed the importance of tackling these problems head-on. He acknowledged the existence of pending court cases and affirmed the party’s commitment to addressing current issues, expressing confidence in their ability to overcome challenges.

Furthermore, Ncube acknowledged fundamental differences within the party, citing the suspension of crucial meetings that exacerbated the situation. He urged honesty in acknowledging these differences as genuine political and ideological disparities rather than gloating over them. As the acting party leader, Ncube affirmed their commitment to resolving internal conflicts and confronting the challenges facing the opposition party.