Moreblessing Ali’s Burial Set For Saturday, Two Years After Zanu PF Murdered Her
27 February 2024
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By Political Reporter – The family of the late CCC activist, Moreblessing Ali, has officially announced the burial date for the slain activist, who fell victim to violence orchestrated by Zanu PF activists, led by Pius Jamba, two years ago.

The burial ceremony was previously delayed due to the arrest of Moreblessing’s lawyer at the time, Job Sikhala. 

Sikhala, who was advocating for the arrest of Ali’s murderers, faced imprisonment for over 500 days and was only released last month.

In a notice issued by Ali’s brother, Washington, the burial details were shared with the public:

Notice from Washington Ali:

I write to inform you that the burial service for Moreblessing Ali is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 2, 2024, at Zororo Cemetery at 12:30 PM. We extend a heartfelt invitation to all relatives, friends, and colleagues to join us in paying our last respects during this long-awaited event.

I express deep gratitude for the unwavering support you have provided to my family and me. From the moment we initiated the search for Moreblessing in May 2022 until the discovery of her decapitated body in June 2022, your compassion and assistance have been a source of strength throughout this harrowing ordeal. We also extend sincere appreciation to our family lawyer, Job Sikhala, who endured an unspeakable ordeal for standing with us.

As we prepare to lay her to rest, we find solace in the knowledge that she will finally find peace.

With sincere appreciation,

Washington Ali

This announcement invites the community to come together to honour Moreblessing Ali’s memory and support her grieving family during this solemn occasion.