BREAKING: Mnangagwa Fires Airforce Commander After Fake Bomb Email
1 March 2024
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Changes in Zimbabwe’s Military Leadership and Health Sector After Bomb Scare

In a significant move, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, has announced the retirement and subsequent appointment of key officials in Zimbabwe’s military and health sectors.

Effective March 15, 2024, Air Marshal Elson Moyo has been retired from his position as Commander of the Airforce of Zimbabwe. This decision, made under the authority of section 340(1)(f) as read with sections 216(2) and 89 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.20), marks a transition in the country’s military leadership.

Following Moyo’s retirement, Air Vice Marshal John Jacob Nzvede has been appointed as the new Commander of the Airforce of Zimbabwe. His appointment, in accordance with sections 216(2), 89, and 110(2)(d) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.20), signals a new chapter in Zimbabwe’s air force command.

Moreover, in a separate development related to the health sector, Dr. Christopher Pamhidza Pasi has been appointed as the Secretary to the Health Service Commission. Dr. Pasi’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, a Masters in Medicine, Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, and fellowship in the College of Physicians in Central and East Africa. With a career spanning back to 1993 within the government, Dr. Pasi’s expertise and experience are expected to contribute significantly to the health service commission.

Dr. Pasi’s previous role as Chief Medical Officer at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital underscores his extensive background in healthcare management.