Is Odinga The Next AU Commission Chair?
1 March 2024
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Kenya, Uganda and South Africa endorsing the Candidature of PM. Raila Amollo Odinga, on rotational basis seems to be the choice of the SADC for the next Chair of the AU Commission.

The image of the personality at the heights of the AU Commission also determines the possibly fate/destiny of the African people.

The Pan African praxis of the Sahel unity political project has proven to demystify the strong dominant western influence on African self- governance/ determination which ought to be emulated by the AU Commission.

Hopefully, should Raila Odinga finally emerge, depending on how to use the AU to fight unwanted war in the Congo, increasing hunger, expanding poverty and helping states to create greener pastures for the youth, will gather a potential mass support as a head of a full- fledged independent Continental body.

Hopefully, he should be able to work assiduously at protocols to generate internal resources to run an African owned AU devoid of foreign donor interferences/ dictatorships.

Raila Odinga as opined by many has a strong Pan African ideological DNA capable of helping change the unpleasant narratives in Africa with an assured hope and life for the African Youth.

His father shared the same beliefs of Nkrumah and hopes that he follows their examples to leave an enduring legacy by navigating the AU to a desirable demand of the African people, if handed the key.

Self- Sovereign AU- Dignity and Respect pays.
Uplifting high the AFRICAN PERSONALITY through the corridors of the AU at international fora will make African friends and even enemies RESPECT the AU.

If the AU goes begging for everything, then the Dignity and Respect of the AU fades.


Anyagre.B. Aziigina’ataeg.
(Advocate for Africa’s total redemption/Free Kongo)