Prophet Uebert Angel’s Harry Kalaba Finally Touches A Real iPhone15 After 6 Months since Explosive Meeting With Investigative Journalist
7 March 2024
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By A Correspondent | At last, prophet Uebert Angel’s handpick for Zambia’s upcoming presidential election, Harry Kalaba (pic on the Facebook website) announces he has received an iPhone15 handset, 6 months after twice turning up for a fake one while conversing with an undercover journalist from the @AJIunit ‘s GoldMafia documentary, and Zambians are putting pressure on him to produce evidence that he has truly purchased it or it is actually from Al Jazeera or from the BBC this time, like in the previous year. The original full story published by @DiggersOfNews.


UKA is a new political party that Edgar Lungu’s PF entity has entered into a pact with a few other small small political parties. It stands for United Kwacha Alliance. But the word “uka” in the local Nyanja dialect also means ‘wake up.’ So here, he is telling former vice-president Nevers Mumba who has been supporting HH to wake up while at the same time using the Nevers Mumba name to shield self from prosecution (since Mumba also produced a fake video document on behalf of and protecting Emmerson Mnangagwa, Uebert Angel and the GoldMafia syndicate in general).

The original article published by Zambia’ Newsdiggers publication is as follows-

Uebert Angel’s Kalaba narrates iPhone 15 scandal as Al Jazeera journalist reveals how he trapped him

By Mwenya Mofya,
25th August 2023

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA- CITIZENS First president Harry Kalaba has admitted that he doesn’t know much about iPhones or which version is the latest on the market, but says the gentleman who embarrassed him in a shop at Levy Mall in Lusaka this week is someone whom he understood to be bringing a parcel from his UK-based friend.

But Al Jazeera “Gold Mafia” investigative journalist Simba Chikanza has narrated to News Diggers how he trapped the former Foreign Affairs minister and lured him into confessing his linkage to the Gold Mafia syndicate through his ally Prophet Uebert Angel.

Angel is a controversial Zimbabwean businessman with connections to President Emerson Mnangagwa who has been implicated in fraud, money laundering and racketeering after undercover journalists filmed him arranging to smuggle gold and cash using his diplomatic passport.

Chikanza, a UK-based journalist is one of the primary investigators involved in the Al Jazeera gold mafia investigation series that has been airing since the beginning of this year, revealing how gold smuggling gangs in Southern Africa help criminals launder hundreds of millions of dollars, getting rich themselves while plundering their nations.

In April this year, soon after the second series was aired on Al Jazeera, Kalaba released a video of himself, discrediting the findings of the investigation, and particularly distancing the acclaimed religious prophet Angel and Mnangagwa in the process.

“I think for me on the issue of the gold scam in Zimbabwe concerning President Mnangagwa and his administration and involving Ambassador Uebert Angel, I think from where I stand as former minister of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Zambia from 2014 to 2018, it doesn’t amount to much because diplomats have to go beyond the call of duty to convince investors… So there is nothing strange in what we saw behind the scenes [in the documentary]. President Mnangagwa has to be encouraged instead of being vilified, Ambassador Uebert Angel also has to be encouraged. He is doing a lot of good for his country amidst all these challenges. So from where I stand, there is nothing strange about that documentary, only that someone had ulterior motives… From that documentary, there is no evidence to show that money was going into Ambassador Angel’s account or President Mnangagwa’s account,” claimed Kalaba.

This angered the Al Jazeera investigators, forcing Chikanza to find a way of proving that Kalaba was working in conjunction with the gold mafia.

After securing Kalaba’s number, Chikanza called him from a UK line on August 3, 2023, pretending to be a prophet named Erasmus Johnson, a friend of Prophet Angel.

He then thanked Kalaba for releasing a video in defence of prophet Angel in the gold mafia investigation, and for following the script that he was given to read.

Chikanza further asked Kalaba if he had received a DHL parcel containing a 21 carat gold coated iPhone 15 which had been sent to him in appreciation of the work he had done for prophet Angel.

According to the audio recordings and WhatsApp screenshots that Chikanza shared with News Diggers, Kalaba was amused that he had made such a significant impact in the protection of the Zimbabwean officials, saying as a son to 44-year-old Prophet Angel, he felt compelled to come to his defence.

“The man of God was in trouble and you listened to the voice of God and you stepped in, you did all you can, went through the script,” said Chikanza to Kalaba in a WhatsApp call, still pretending to be a prophet named “Erasmus Johnson”.

Chikanza: “Do you realise that this man has saved a lot of people? If you had not done that, the man of God could have been in jail right now. This is just to say thank you, but at the same time, to welcome you in the Kingdom of God”.

Kalaba: “I am really grateful prophet”

Chikanza: “You are really the man of the moment”.Kalaba: “Amen, I receive it”.Chikanza: “You are the only person who recorded those videos and spoke in those videos, following every word that prophet Angel was giving you. You saved the man of God”.Kalaba: “I didn’t know that I played such a pivotal role. I thought it was my duty as the son of the prophet to stand up to defend the reputation of my father when it was being damaged. I could use every bit of influence I have, I would rather put my influence on the line than his. So I thought I was doing all what is required of a son… I would like to get in touch with DHL Lusaka and inquire about the parcel you sent”.After the phone conversation, Kalaba asked Chikanza to send the DHL tracking number which he could use to claim the purported 21 carat gold coated iPhone 15 which had been gifted to him.Chikanza then sent him a fake tracking number which Kalaba used to try and claim the iPhone 15 from DHL Lusaka.After complaining that he had felt embarrassed claiming a parcel using a false tracking number from DHL, Kalaba asked the ‘prophet’ if indeed the iPhone 15 had been sent, to which Chikanza responded in the affirmative, but giving excuses of some mix up.Chikanza then told Kalaba that he had sent the golden iPhone 15 through some agents who would deliver it to him, who in the actual fact were police officers.After receiving the phone through a third party at a mall in Lusaka, Kalaba thanked “prophet Johnson’ for his generosity, and indicated that what he had received was a Samsung and not an iPhone 15 as promised.It was at this point that Chikanza expressed his disappointment for another mix up and asked to meet Kalaba in person so that he could deliver to him the 21 carat gold coated iPhone 15.He guided Kalaba to meet him at Levy Mall where he would give him the iPhone 15 and some new EarPods, to which Kalaba said he would rather get the money, as he did not need the hearing devices for the ‘latest iPhone’.After luring him into a mobile phone shop at Levy mall in Lusaka, Chikanza then pulled out his phone that was recording a live stream and revealed his real identity.Still unsure of what was going on, Kalaba waved into the camera, as if greeting a congregation, only to discover later that he had been trapped by an Al Jazeera investigative journalist, whose documentary he had discredited earlier in the year.Chikanza then told Kalaba that Zimbabweans were voting in an unfair election because people like him had defended and facilitated money laundering activities involving millions of dollars.But speaking when he featured on KBN TV, Thursday, Kalaba said what happened was just malice aimed at trying to destroy his image.“I was told by this gentleman whom I was communicating with before, who has connections to a friend of mine in the UK that he was going to deliver a parcel from a friend of mine. When he sent me a message, I was on my way going for a funeral. So he calls me and I tell him, ‘right now I have several engagements, I can send my driver’. He said ‘I’ve come from the UK and it’s only right that we have an audience with you so that we take a picture with you. We know you’re doing a good job in Zambia. Therefore, it will be good that we also just have interface with you because tomorrow we’re leaving’. So I said okay because you travelled this long and it’s only human that maybe I should take time and come and see you. That’s how I found myself in that situation,” he said.“When I arrived, I called him and he said I’m in this shop. That’s how I entered that shop and I was just standing because I was trying to go out. That’s when he introduced himself that ‘I’m from Aljazeera. Mr Kalaba you punched holes in the investigations we had done as Aljazeera. Are you working with gold mafias?’ All kinds of allegations were thrown at me. Quiet strange I must say. All I can tell you is that it’s just malice, cheap and doesn’t amount to nothing”.