RBZ Dumps Mnangagwa’s ZiG Currency Overnight, Charges USD for Own Meeting
6 April 2024
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By Farai D Hove -| At a time when the nation is expected to have moved into a new currency, the government’s authority has shifted back to using the US dollar, if an advert hosting the governor is to be understood properly.

This is the most visual authoritative around currency use in the country because the function is off the reserve bank governor of Zimbabwe himself, John Mushayavanhu on the 9th April.

Assuming this has been a mistake, the very same mishap has totally destroyed, the new currency within days of its launching, because no one is going to value it in anyway, after the soul authority appointed by the constitution of Zimbabwe has rejected it.

A comment from the Central bank governor could not be obtained at the time of publishing.

The function charging USD100, is a monetary policy review meeting being broadcast by various state aligned media houses. Below are the details