Achieve Agility for Your Business with Oracle CTI Integration
7 April 2024
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How would you rate the customer service efficiency of your business on a scale of 1-10? Are your agents still manually dialing numbers and typing in post-call details? If, yes then your business might be struggling with either of these:

  • Peak calling hours might be a nightmare for your agents juggling between multiple applications
  • Customers might be unsatisfied with long wait times and context-less interactions
  • Abandoned calls or average handling time might be on the higher end

That’s how businesses and customer service reps have been managing things for a long time. What’s changed now? The answer is customer expectations since the digital landscape has progressed by leaps and bounds.

This blog aims to understand the challenges that have been plaguing businesses in this digital age and how a CTI Connector can be just the solution you need to achieve efficiency, agility, and customer satisfaction.

The What and Why of a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)?

Most contact centers irrespective of their industrial vertical rely on two main technologies to conduct their operations: a telephony system and a CRM. Now, these two systems traditionally exist and operate in silos, making it a task for agents to switch between these two systems multiple times throughout the day.

Why do we call it a task? Let’s see:

As soon as the service rep receives a call, the agent picks up the call via the telephony system but he’s blank on the call. He needs to ask who is calling and for what purpose.

Now imagine a customer who has called multiple times in the past few days, spelling out the same details to agent after agent. Imagine the level of annoyance and frustration!!

Anyways, as soon as the customer spells out details, the agent switches to the CRM system to know more about the customer’s query, meanwhile, the customer is on hold or transferred to another agent.

Now imagine a second scenario where the customer calls in a customer service agent and he receives a personalized greeting followed by a – “ Do you need help regarding the XYZ product you bought last time?”

How did that happen? The answer is a CTI Connector.

A Computer Telephony Integration or a CTI acts as a bridge between your telephony and CRM systems, helping agents save the crucial minutes they spend scourging customer information while switching between multiple tabs. The result:

  • Agents don’t have to hassle between tabs to fetch customer details
  • Customers feel more valued because the agent doesn’t make them repeat their queries from scratch
  • Without long hold times and accessible customer details, the wait times and average handling times shrink, improving customer satisfaction

A Peek into the Key Features of CTI Connector

  • Screen Pop: Instantly displays relevant customer information on the agent’s screen when a call is received, enhancing efficiency and personalized service.
  • Embedded call controls: Provides essential call management functionalities directly within the agent’s application interface, streamlining call handling processes.
  • One-click Screen transfers: Enables agents to transfer customer interactions seamlessly to other departments or colleagues with a single click, minimizing hold times and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Click-to-dial: Allows agents to initiate outbound calls by simply clicking on a phone number within the system, eliminating manual dialing and reducing errors.
  • Automated call logging: Automatically records and logs details of each customer interaction, including call duration, notes, and outcomes, for accurate record-keeping and analysis.
  • Agent state control: Allows agents to set their availability status (e.g., available, busy, away) to manage their workload and indicate their readiness to handle incoming calls or other tasks.

CTI Integration for All Oracle Applications

Oracle is one of the most comprehensive cloud solutions out there and is a reliable choice for a majority of businesses out there. For businesses using Oracle applications, be it the Oracle Service Cloud, Seibel, or Fusion Cloud, the Novelvox CTI Connector can create a cohesive connection of these applications with business telephony, taking operational efficiency and business agility to the next level.

Let’s explore how Oracle CTI Integration can set businesses up for customer success:

1.     Augment Agent Productivity

The seamless integration of the Oracle Cloud application with CTI creates a seamless connection between the two systems, creating a hassle-free path for agents to cater to customer needs without jumping between too many tabs. All the previous interaction context is displayed on their screens as soon as the customer calls, giving them ample time to pitch the right product, service, or suggestion based on its analysis. This also gives agents more time to focus on strategic tasks or not be stuck with manual tasks day in and day out.

2.     Simplify Call Management

By bringing the Oracle UI and telephony system together, CTI Connectors allow agents to place and receive calls from the integrated interface itself, without having to jump to different systems to place calls or fetch information. Simple one-click call controls lend efficiency to the agents and empower them with the right context they need to resolve a customer’s query in time.

3.     Streamline Business Workflows

CTI Connector seamlessly integrates your telephony system with the Oracle application interfaces providing a unified communication channel. It helps bring down manual errors and enables agents to handle calls in similar software environments. By filling in the gaps of disjointed interaction channels and manual processes, CTI Connectors lay the foundation for streamlined business processes.

4.     Drive Customer Satisfaction

When agents are not caught up in the web of disjointed processes and manual call handling, the customer’s journey also witnesses improvement. Customers are not made to wait for long hours on the other end or just be tossed around from one agent to the next due to the lack of interaction context. All these simplified processes and interconnected processes add to customer satisfaction and contribute to better customer experiences.

Wrap Up

Integrating Oracle cloud applications with competitive CTI connector solutions such as the one from NovelVox can render a competitive edge to businesses across industrial verticals by making the agent’s lives easier and contributing to a smoother and more connected customer interaction journey.

Shoot your business productivity to an optimal level by integrating Oracle Cloud applications with your telephony systems via NovelVox CTI Connectors.