Another Building Burnt To Ashes
8 April 2024
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By Staff Reporter- A building in the central Chinhoyi business district has been burnt to ashes.

The building was burnt after a fire broke in the CBD, destroying wares, including electrical gadgets and furniture, leaving shop and stall owners counting their losses.

An electrical fault is suspected to have caused the fire, destroying television sets, radios, and fans among other items.

Chinhoyi Municipality fire brigade working with members of the community managed to douse the fire but the wares could not be salvaged.

Onlookers said the fire started when everyone in the shop had closed and gone home.

“We first noticed some smoke coming out of the closed shop before the fire broke window panes,” said a man at the scene.

“We had two fire tenders coming through but there was a technical glitch, which delayed the process to put out the fire. The community, including touts had to chip in.”