Mnangagwa Chief Spy’s Daughter Dies In Ireland
20 April 2024
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By Political Reporter- President Emerson Mnangagwa’s chief spy, who is the head of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), Isaac Moyo’s daughter, has died.

Shumirai Sandra Moyo died in Dublin, Ireland, from brain cancer early this month.

She died after her mother, Priscilla Zindari-Moyo, Zanu PF MP for Mwenezi West, recently visited her in Dublin while she was bedridden.

Narrating what happened to his daughter, Moyo added:
“She went to work as usual and got sick and was sent home. On the second day she was taken to hospital and was suspected of meningitis and was tested for cancer of the brain. She was swelling in the brain and she spent six weeks in intensive care without eating. Her mother spent a month with her and she couldn’t talk. She passed on when the mother was trying to get back to her again. She was drilled in the head and a tube was put in her head that is the last picture we saw of her before she passed on.

Shumirai will be buried in Rutenga, Mwenezi, on Sunday.