Pastor Chris’ Wife Anita Was Replaced By A Dude?
21 April 2024
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By ©️Pongo The Poet

In the halls of love world, a tale unfolds,
Of love betrayed and secrets untold.

Anita, once cherished, now cast aside,
Replaced by another, in deceit they hide.
Chris, the preacher, with words so sweet,
Promised forever, but truth he’d cheat.
For in the shadows, another did lurk,
A secret lover, his true desire to irk.
Anita wept, her heart torn in two,
Betrayed by the man she thought she knew.
Chris, blinded by lust, could not see,
The pain he caused, the love he set free.
Now Anita wanders, lost and alone,
Her faith shattered, her heart turned to stone.
Her bed now Chris, shares with Tom with no shame,
Forever marked by the echoes of their name.
Oh, the folly of love, so cruel and unkind,
In its grasp, the strongest of hearts are confined.
Anita and Chris, torn apart by deceit,
Their love undone, by a lover’s deceit.

©️pongo the poet