New RBZ Governor Caught Performing ZiG Rituals
1 May 2024
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By Business Reporter- The newly appointed Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, John Mushayavanhu, recently performed rituals at his Gutu Rural home to celebrate his new job.

An Online publication reports that Mushayavanhu celebrated his appointment with his family, relatives and friends, as well as clansmen deep in Gutu, Masvingo.

 He was in high spirits amid wild song and dance, partying with his equally happy rural folk, while performing a traditional ceremony to show appreciation and gratitude to them and his ancestors for his success.

 Mushayavanhu thanked his people and even those he grew up herding cattle with for their support, reminding them he will remember them while he is in government service. 

He told villagers in his home area that President Emmerson Mnangagwa broke the stranglehold of people from Manicaland province on the central bank as shown by his predecessors, Kombo Moyana, Leonard Tsumba, Gideon Gono and John Mangudya – all from Manicaland.

 The governor proudly touted his appointment as the beginning of a new era as he is a different monetary chief from a different region compared to those who had been in charge all along.