Mai Titi’s Husband Made To Pop Out ‘A Demon’ At Passion Java’s Empty Stadium Gig
10 May 2024
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Shock at National Sports Stadium as Mai Titi’s Husband “Halifaxes” Before Prophet Passion Java

By Showbiz Reporter | ZimEye | In an evening that mixed controversy with spectacle, the National Sports Stadium was the scene of an unusual event last night as socialite Mai Titi’s husband was seen exhibiting bizarre behavior during a sparsely attended religious gathering hosted by the contentious psychic, Prophet Passion Java.

The event, which drew a smaller crowd than expected, became the center of attention not for its spiritual messages but for a peculiar incident involving Mai Titi, real name Felistas Murata, and her UK-based husband. Witnesses described a scene where, during a moment of heightened religious fervor, Murata’s husband suddenly collapsed in a dramatic fashion reminiscent of an incident involving Mai Titi at Heathrow Airport where she was compelled to surrender a Halifax Bank card.

As Prophet Passion Java called people forward to the stage for what was anticipated to be a routine prayer session, the atmosphere charged with an intense spiritual energy, attendees were taken aback when Murata’s husband, dressed in a stark white shirt, fell to the ground before the prophet, his actions caught vividly on camera.

Eyewitnesses and social media users quickly dubbed the incident as him “halifaxing,” a new slang term that refers to embarrassing oneself under public scrutiny, mirroring the humiliation Mai Titi experienced during her own airport ordeal.

The couple, seen earlier in the event with their hands lifted in worship, became the unintended highlight of the night. This incident adds another layer to the already controversial figure of Prophet Passion Java, known for his flamboyant lifestyle and polarizing religious practices.

Critics of the event are citing this as another example of the exploitative nature of some modern religious gatherings, questioning the psychological impacts on those who attend. Supporters of Java, however, see the event as a powerful spiritual demonstration.

As the community reacts to these unusual happenings, the debate over the role of modern prophets in Zimbabwe continues to intensify, with this latest episode likely to spark further discussions on social and religious norms in contemporary society.- ZimEye

Mai Titi and her UK husband
Felistas’ husband ‘Halifaxes’ before the ZANU PF prophet