Watch Zimbabwean Shining At A US University Graduation 
17 May 2024
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By-Zimbabwean student Kerry-Ann Ratidzo Moyo speaking at the University of Richmond, Virginia, United States, two days ago representing the graduating class of 2024.

 She spoke about the African philosophy of ubuntu/hunhu. In Nguni culture, which entails Ndebele, Zulu, Xhosa and Swati ethnic groups, there is a maxim which says “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”. The Shona people say “Munhu munhu navanhu.”  There are also other equivalents to this in other African cultures. The Ubuntu philosophy says “I am human only because of your humanity”. Ubuntu/hunhu is the idea that no one can be healthy when the community is sick. Ubuntu says if I undermine your humanity, I dehumanise myself. It lies at the heart of the African philosophy and way of life, thus impacts on critical aspect of people’s well-being. Ubuntu is not just a word; it’s a deeply ingrained philosophy which shapes communities, cultures, and individual lives across Africa. It expresses philosophically human interdependence and acknowledgment of one’s responsibility to their fellow humans and the world around them.  It is a philosophy that promotes collectivism over individualism. Ubuntu asserts society gives human beings their humanity. As a parting shot, Moyo says: “Whatever you decide to pursue, never forget the power, the prevalence, and the privilege of human connection and the value that your existence brings to those around you.”