Is Chivayo Slowly Taking Control Of The Presidency?
20 May 2024
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The best definition of an ILLUSTRIOUS LEADER and yet a HUMBLE FATHER is one who welcomes any ZIMBABWEAN and treats them as their beloved child , even though he is the PRESIDENT of the Republic ,COMMANDER IN-CHIEF of the Defence Forces and Head of State and government!

I was so honoured today with a rare opportunity of being warmly hosted by our ICONIC President at his state of the art PRECABE FARM in Sherwood , Kwekwe where I was extremely impressed with his agricultural enterprise on the 405 Hectare Farm. It was truly an HONOUR to witness the HARDWORK that the President has put in demonstrating the capacity that we, as ZIMBABWEANS have, in returning our beloved nation to its status as the BREAD BASKET of AFRICA.

True to his incessant calls on PRODUCTION and VALUE ADDITION the extensive maize and wheat farming by our President is truly MAGNIFICENT and left me in awe. Such unique character of leadership is exemplary and must be EMULATED by all, especially us the youth who are the future…

I was particularly IMPRESSED by our President’s substantial heard of the beautiful Ankole or Inyambo breed originally from East Africa, but predominantly in Rwanda.

This exceptional high end breed is drought resistant yet produces the best herd normally used as a tourist attraction.Their long curved horns are also on high demand in the art and crafts industry.

I was also delighted to learn that the milk from this special breed of the Ankole has a high fat content from which ghee and yoghurt are extracted.

I fully appreciate the unique WISDOM imparted on us by the President on the farming business and how this can sustain the economy if replicated across the Country.

Indeed, no one will die of hunger in Zimbabwe with such an inspirational President.

It is high time that as Zimbabweans, we embrace our GOD GIVEN resource of fertile land and we fully utilise it for FOOD SECURITY and self sufficiency for all…EXAMPLARY LEADERSHIP…NYIKA INO VAKWA NE VENE VAYO…EWORKS… EDELIVERS….EDHUCHI