SECRET WELSHMAN MEETING: ZANU PF Says It’s Suspending Elections for 10 Years
23 May 2024
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The following is a statement that has been released by a ZANU PF party Facebook blogger following secret meetings CCC leader Welshman Ncube has had with ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa:

To Sustain Zimbabwe’s Developmental Momentum, the notion of suspending elections until 2030 is proposed, a measure designed to maintain the dynamic progress achieved under the leadership of the Second Republic. This bold strategy may raise eyebrows, yet it merits deep contemplation given its potential to enhance the nation’s long-term prosperity.

Under President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, the Second Republic has launched pivotal initiatives aimed at rejuvenating Zimbabwe’s economy and elevating the well-being of its people. From pioneering the Zimbabwe Gold currency to making significant advances in the lithium sector, these initiatives are catalyzing a palpable sense of optimism and tangible growth throughout the nation.

The role of political stability in nurturing and advancing these positive changes cannot be overstated. By deferring elections until 2030, the government can dedicate undivided attention and continuity to these transformative efforts, ensuring they fully materialize without the typical disturbances of frequent electoral cycles.

Critics might contend that halting elections temporarily contradicts principles of democratic governance. However, it is vital to juxtapose this concern with the imperative to consolidate and build upon the economic strides achieved. Setting a definitive pause on elections, coupled with a firm commitment to resuming democratic procedures by 2030, might just offer the crucial breathing room required for Zimbabwe’s development initiatives to root deeply and thrive.

As Zimbabwe strides towards a flourishing future, it becomes crucial to entertain and evaluate audacious ideas that place a premium on long-term development and stability. By carefully balancing the risks and rewards, Zimbabwe stands poised to make strategic decisions that will not only define its immediate future but also ensure its prosperity for generations to come. #Vision2030