Obert Masaraure Sentenced to 2 Months In Prison
24 May 2024
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Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) President OBERT MASARAURE has been sentenced to a fine of US$200.00 or spend 2 months in prison with a suspended 4 months over the next 5 years.

According to ARTUZ, the ruling is a grave injustice and a continued attempt to silence the legitimate advocacy efforts of ARTUZ.

“While this ruling was not a complete victory, it demonstrates the impact of ARTUZ’s steadfast efforts and the global solidarity that supported their cause. We are deeply grateful to our partners, stakeholders, union members, and citizens at large who have stood in solidarity with President Obert Masaraure and the fight for teachers’ rights in Zimbabwe.

“.The initial conviction of Masaraure was an unjust crackdown on his legitimate advocacy for the rights and dignity of Zimbabwe’s educators, and the underlying injustice of this conviction remains. The struggle for the rights and dignity of Zimbabwe’s educators continues, and ARTUZ’s fight has not been in vain, as their voices have persevered.

“This episode has proven that when workers come together, their united voices cannot be suppressed by the authorities. ARTUZ will not be deterred. The union will continue to challenge this unfair outcome and persist in its unwavering pursuit of a more equitable and just educational system for all in Zimbabwe’s rural regions.

“The path ahead remains arduous, but ARTUZ’s resolve remains steadfast. We will continue to fight against injustice and amplify the voices of Zimbabwe’s educators in the ongoing struggle for their rights and livelihoods. ARTUZ will not be silenced, and it will continue to stand up for the fundamental rights and dignity of the teaching profession,” said ARTUZ in a statement.