Nelson Chamisa In Massive Diplomatic Offensive
27 May 2024
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

In Cameroon for the Progressive Alliance Africa Conference.

The Progressive Alliance is a coalition of progressive political parties world over.

It was born out of the collective efforts of citizens of the world whose collective agenda is to fight for Freedom and Justice.

Among them are political parties in government and others in opposition trenches.

All guided by Social Democratic values.

Our protracted struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe is national in essence and global in significance.

It is a struggle that require solidarity with the progressive forces in Africa and the world.

I will speak in one of the panels on the situation in our country and what the future holds for our beloved nation.

As proud patriotic citizens, we love our country and it is for that reason why we fight to make our her a better place.

We bear in our shoulders a burning desire to see Zimbabwe succeeding.

We have no doubt in our mind that under the capable stewardship of President Chamisa Zimbabwe will work ForEveryone.

It is like any struggle world over, a difficult but yet important journey to Freedom.

We fight on!

Aluta continua.