Zimbabwean Music Sensation Baba Harare Shifts Gears
9 June 2024
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By A Correspondent| Popular Zimbabwean musician, Baba Harare, known for his electrifying performances in the jit music genre, has shocked fans and followers with a recent announcement on his official Facebook page.

In a heartfelt post, the artist revealed his decision to undergo a significant musical transformation, transitioning from secular jit music to gospel music.

Expressing gratitude to his loyal supporters for accompanying him on his musical journey thus far, Baba Harare emphasized his ongoing process of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

“To all my fans and followers. I have been on a journey of self discovery and spiritual growth. Thank you for being my supporters, support network and above all my partners on this musical journey. I want you to be the first to be informed that as part of my metamorphosis, my music will also be changing. I will be transitioning from secular music to Gospel music. I hope to take you along with me on this new and exciting journey. God Bless – Baba Harare,” he said.

He highlighted the integral role his fans have played as partners and pillars of support throughout his career.

The announcement marks a profound shift in Baba Harare’s artistic direction, signaling his intention to align his music with his newfound spiritual beliefs.

While his decision may come as a surprise to many, the musician expressed optimism about the upcoming transition and expressed his desire to bring his audience along for the ride.