Malawi Updates Nation On Missing Plane Carrying Vice President
11 June 2024
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For Immediate Release

11th June 2024

Statement on the Missing Plane Carrying Vice President Dr. Chilima and Eight Other Passengers

The UTM is deeply concerned about the recent news regarding the missing plane carrying our president, who is also the vice president of this country , Dr. Saulos Chilima and his entourage. As a party, we appreciate the ongoing efforts to locate the plane,and rescue all Malawians who were on this flight, but we urge for intensified and concerted efforts not only from Government but also all well wishers that have put their feet on this ground for this National cause.

As much as we appreciate the efforts being made, we are at the same time disappointed with the time and intensity of the search. Between knowing that the plane carrying the Vice President of Malawi is not being tracked which was around 10am after the last communication with the Mzuzu Tower, a search only started in ernest after 3pm.

This is a worrying situation. On our count, we had 12 MDF personnel in the search operation when it was being called off late last night, this too is a serious worry for us. Thirdly, the fact that the aircraft carrying the vice president did not have a responder, a gadget use to trace and track aircraft is to us a big worry. We hope answers will be provided to Malawians by the right authorities.

As a Party we have proceeded to engage different experts to help us trace, locate and rescue all Malawians including the Vice President that was on this flight.

We have not had any communication from Government to us as UTM Political party with regards this issue and we hope going forward, we will not be hearing news from the public domains as Government has direct access to us.

We call upon All Malawians, Our Diplomatic partners and members of the Clergy to render any assistance they might be able to do so in helping us at this most difficult time. Our search has been increased to areas in as far as Nyika, Dwambazi and Mchinji as we intend to leave no stone unturned. Additionally, we ask UTM supporters and supporters of other parties across the country to join in the efforts to find the missing plane.

While we are greatly concerned, we remain hopeful that the President, who is also the Vice President of the country , along with his entourage, are safe. We ask those providing information to be sensitive and truthful, recognizing the many people anxiously awaiting updates.

We are grateful for the efforts being made by various agents and believe that the search can always be enhanced. Therefore, we request all involved parties to redouble their efforts. We also appeal to foreign governments and international organizations to join and assist in the search efforts.

To our supporters and all Malawians, we urge you to stay calm and continue to pray for the safety of the vice president and his entourage.

We appreciate your support and cooperation during this difficult time