2 July 2024
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Dear Editor.

May you please help us publish and expose a man who scammed many people in Zimbabwe. This individual, Peter Thole, claimed he could assist people in relocating to Australia and Canada, charging $65 for those with passports and $75 for those without. He collected significant amounts of money from numerous individuals.

Peter Thole collaborated with someone named Morrison Mupedzi. They made false promises, and when the scheduled meeting dates approached, Thole would provide lame excuses, such as claiming that the team from Australia had an accident, thus delaying the meetings. Eventually, he blocked all communication with the victims.

We also had our first meeting with him at a house in Budiriro tikatomuona- we saw him face to face. On that meeting we were to be briefed about the company he was claiming to be working for, he was saying he is the Pastor of the Church called Fishers of Men and he was asked by the Foundation called Wallace foundation to recruit people to work in Australia, Canada and Dubai.

His name reflected on the ecocash deposits that were made to him.

We have reported the case to the police, and it is now in the courts. We urge the public to be aware of this scam to avoid falling into the same trap.

Please do not mention my name if you publish this story, as these scammers are dangerous.

Thank you.