Exposing Fraudulent Activities of Wasu (Masimba Morepower Gombe) and Olga Bhati
7 July 2024
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Subject: Urgent Announcement – Exposing Wasu and Olga Bhati’s Malicious Activities

Dear Community,

My name is Derreck Gomoriya, a concerned community member, and I am writing to bring to light the fraudulent and malicious activities carried out by Wasu (Masimba Morepower Gombe) and his accomplice, Olga Bhati. Recent events have revealed a concerning pattern of deceit and theft that we believe the public needs to be aware of.

Wasu and Olga – file pic


Wasu, known in the beauty industry as a makeup artist under the name “Wasu Makeup Artist NYC Glam,” has recently been involved in several dubious activities. Initially, Wasu gained sympathy when he was removed from a previous engagement with Mai Titi. A good Samaritan in our community, seeing his plight, offered to assist him by providing access to salon equipment stored in Harare.

The Deception

Unbeknownst to many, Wasu was using business funds to finance a personal trip to Cyprus, in collusion with Olga Bhati, the landlord of the cottage the good Samaritan was using. The deposit for this cottage was $400. However, Olga Bhati began advertising the cottage as vacant and sought tenants willing to pay more than $400, all while still in possession of the deposit and the Samaritan’s equipment.

Theft and Vandalism

Prior to Wasu’s departure to Cyprus, notice was given to Olga Bhati. However, instead of returning the deposit and respecting the Samaritan’s property, she and Wasu colluded to remove the salon equipment from the premises. It has been reported that some of this equipment was stolen and damaged, with Olga cutting the items with a knife.

Olga admitted to the police that she was acting on Wasu’s instructions to seize the goods, claiming it was to cover the money Wasu allegedly owed her. This act of theft and vandalism is currently under police investigation.

Call to Action

We urge anyone who has had dealings with Wasu or Olga Bhati to exercise caution and come forward with any information that may assist in the ongoing investigation. It is crucial that these individuals are held accountable for their actions to prevent further deceit and harm within our community.

Contact Information

For those who can provide any assistance or information, please contact us immediately. Your support and vigilance are vital in ensuring justice is served.

Thank you for your attention to this serious matter.


Derreck Gomoriya