Notorious Beitbridge Thugs Robbing People
8 July 2024
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Warning: Notorious Scam Group Operating at Beitbridge Border Post

Whistleblower Alert: Beware of Valiant Motors Scam

A whistleblower has issued a stern warning about a notorious group of scammers operating at the Beitbridge Border Post. Kotiwani Sithole, a recent victim, shared his harrowing experience to alert others of the ongoing scam.

Kotiwani Sithole writes:

“Be careful and say: the group is called Valiant Motors. It claims to be in Beitbridge. It is a scam where you are robbed of money. Mine was stolen yesterday through WhatsApp and Facebook.”

Details of the Scam

When asked by ZimEye to elaborate on the scam, Sithole provided further details:

“They tell you to send money for them to deliver goods to all of Zimbabwe. Their number is: 0718642263.”

How the Scam Operates

The scam involves individuals pretending to be representatives of Valiant Motors, a fictitious company allegedly based in Beitbridge. They contact victims through WhatsApp and Facebook, convincing them to send money under the pretense of delivering goods throughout Zimbabwe. Once the payment is made, the scammers disappear, leaving victims without their money or the promised goods.

Stay Vigilant

This warning serves as a reminder to exercise caution when dealing with unfamiliar companies or individuals, especially those requesting money upfront for services or goods. Always verify the legitimacy of such claims through trusted sources before making any payments.

If you have been approached by this group or have fallen victim to their scam, please report the incident to the authorities immediately. Sharing information about these fraudulent activities can help protect others from becoming victims.