Tshabangu Endorses Mnangagwa SADC Chairmanship
10 July 2024
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By A Correspondent

Senator Sengezo Tshabangu, the interim Secretary General of the Citizens Coalition for Change, has urged everyone to support Zanu PF leader Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa’s upcoming assumption of the SADC Chairmanship.

However, political observers have labelled Tshabangu as a protege of Zanu PF.

In a statement on Monday, Tshabangu expressed his stance:
“This August, our country will host a summit for SADC nations, where Zimbabwe will have the honor of chairing the bloc.

This move is crucial for strengthening bilateral relations among member countries. As the opposition, we welcome Zimbabwe’s chairmanship.”

Tshabangu’s endorsement of Mnangagwa’s leadership in SADC comes amid ongoing political developments within Zimbabwe, where the Citizens Coalition for Change is positioning itself as a significant player ahead of national elections.

The SADC summit, scheduled for August, is anticipated to provide Zimbabwe with a platform to foster regional cooperation and address pertinent socio-economic issues affecting member states.

Observers continue to scrutinize Tshabangu’s alignment with Zanu PF, questioning the implications of his support for Mnangagwa’s regional leadership role amidst domestic political dynamics.

As preparations for the summit progress, stakeholders are closely monitoring how Mnangagwa’s chairmanship will impact Zimbabwe’s foreign policy and regional standing within the Southern African Development Community.