Sex Gest: Female Teacher Bashes Headmaster


By Terrence Mawawa, Masvingo|A local headmaster was last week thoroughly beaten up by a female workmate he consistently pestered for sexual intercourse.

Sources at the school told, Thomas Mureriwa the headmaster of Temeraire High School, was assaulted by Ophilia Bafana, the Head of Department for the English department in full view of school pupils. Bafana accused Mureriwa of pestering her for sexual intercourse.

Although Mureriwa denies the allegations, ZimEye can reveal the case was reported at Mashava Police camp under RRB 2514742.

It is understood Mureriwa had the habit of calling Bafana to his office where he expressed interest in having sex with the lady teacher. Incensed by Mureriwa’s sexual advances, Bafana took a bamboo stick and assaulted the school head in full view of pupils.

Bafana proceeded to grab the headmaster by the neck and continued to assault him with clenched fists until the deputy headmaster and other female teachers came to the dazzled Mureriwa’s rescue.

Masvingo District Education Officer(DEO), Zakaria Makopa said there was an altercation between the two but quickly said investigations were underway.

“We have heard about the incident but we are still carrying out further investigations so that we can then decide on the matter. The matter is being treated with confidentiality until we arrive at the crux of the whole issue,” said an evasive Makopa.

Mureriwa also vehemently dismissed the story despite clear evidence pointing to the incident. Social analysts here slammed officials who take advantage of their positions of influence to abuse female subordinates.

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  • Mai Tinto

    About time these male authoritative figures were put in their rightful places not that I support the way it was done. ​https://thecitizensarespeakingccif.wordpress

  • Dhara reMurehwa

    Mai Tinto you are a bloody female chauvenist, nxa!!!

  • Dhara reMurehwa

    Mai Tinto you are a bloody female chauvenist, nxa!!!

  • chakutareal

    If truly the head was asking for sexual favors from his subordinate then he deserved what he got. However I smell a rat, the lady teacher could be one of those teachers who were not doing their work properly and was irked by a pestering head who demanded a job well done. If truly the head was in the custom of asking for sex as reported by our biased reporter who gave us an unbalanced news article, why did the lady teacher not report those incidences at the higher offices as is the law in Zimbabwe? Our reporter did a poor job by not thoroughly investigating the matter and let us know whether such reports had been previously made or not.