Grace Mugabe Invades Tsvangirai’s Home


Ray Nkosi | First Lady Grace Mugabe this morning embarked on her infamous rallies, inaugurating her come-back in opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s home village Buhera.

In her speech, Mugabe went into liberation struggle rhetoric in her speech as she acknowledges the role played by freedom fighters during the war. She thanks villagers in Tsvangirai’s home for voting her husband into power overwhelmingly.

“We must go to the people. We do not want to go to the people only when there are elections. Even when it rains I will be there stepping on Buhera,” said Mugabe.

Fear and trepidation has gripped warring Zanu PF factions following First Lady Grace Mugabe’s decision to resume her controversial nationwide “death rallies” amid concerns she could worsen an already fragile situation.

Today marks 16 months, 10 days since First Lady Grace Mugabe first launched her death rallies in 2015. The meetings saw several people killed in horrific stampedes as Mrs Mugabe dished out goods stolen by ZIMRA from poor citizens at the Beitbridge border post.

 Scores of people were injured at Shindi High School as they scambled for First Lady Grace Mugabe’s donations.
Mrs Mugabe’s pickings, distributed in the name of philanthropy, left several people dead during her ‘death’ rallies. (SEE FULL SATELLITE MAP). Critics argue the First Lady has been raiding the Zimra (border confiscated goods) warehouses to dish out to people. ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW…

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