I’m not going anywhere, declares Homosexual Journo


Harare(ZimEye) – The senior Zimbabwe Newspapers group male journalist (Robert Mukondiwa)who was reportedly caught red handed engaging in homosexual sex with a Namibian man during President Robert Mugabe’s visit to Windhoek last Thursday has admitted indirectly that he is “not perfect”.

Posting on his Facebook page the journalist wrote, “Jacob was a cheater, Peter had a temper, David had an affair, Noah got drunk, Jonah ran from God, Paul was a murderer, Gideon was insecure, Miriam was a gossiper, Martha was a worrier, Thomas was a doubter, Sara was impatient, Elijah was moody, Moses stuttered, Zaccheus was short, Abraham was old, and Lazarus was dead…. God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the CALLED! Re-post this if you know you are NOT perfect!!!”

The journalist after posting this he got seven “likes” from some of his male friends and declared that he won’t leave the stable that is controlled by Zanu PF which has a rapid distaste for gays.

When asked on the same page by a friend if he was going anywhere he said he was not going anywhere: “Hapana kwandiri kuenda ini. Handiende zvachose. I live forever shamwari,” he said.

The journalist at one point was suspended for similar acts only to be reinstated and then subsequently promoted.

This is not the first time the journalist has been caught red handed: sometime in March last year he was caught with a fellow journalist engaging in homosexual act in the newsroom at the Herald house.

The two were caught having sex by security guards who had come to investigate strange noises coming from the newsroom at a time journalists had knocked off duty.

Sources said few male and female journalists at Zimpapers Harare branch are openly gay and some of them have also participated in gay and lesbian parades in South Africa and Europe.

The Zimpapers journalist this time had accompanied President Robert Mugabe during a visit to Namibia to attend a meeting of former liberation movements in Southern Africa.

The case had not been heard so far at the time of writing as it had been overshadowed by the death of retired General Solomon Mujuru who died in a fire blaze.

It was reported that Mugabe who wields a zero intolerance to homosexually was humiliated by the incident.(ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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  • Dzimai Moto

    The law is an ass.

    Laws come from America and then spread everywhere. It is immoral religious wise for same sex marriage but the law outweighs religious or traditional beliefs.

    We are in a weird world. Today someone (former teacher of the year) is being called for a hearing for denouncing same sex marriages in UK. The law is an ass.


    Iyi ndiyo ngochani chaiyo–there is nothing manly about this shemale.Look at him!! So?

  • pashatwas

    i undestand most ppl’s dislike of gays but lets be serious for once, with the hustle we give them, does anyone become gay for the fun of it. some ppl are born gay, period.

    i live in the uk [10yrs] but i have only met a gay couple once on the train. if zim becomes tolerant of gays its not like it will suddenly be awash with gay ppl. gays are a minority, and will remain so

    i have a cousin who is albino and all his life he received the ill treatment we heap omn gays. did my cousin turn black because of that?. i don’t want to be an abino [or gay] child but what are my choices if i do. welcome to reality

  • Makwembere

    Thank you Pashatwas. As much as I do not agree with gays, I think it is wrong for the gvt to victimise them and for instance sack them; Unless they have committed the act at work etc and are forcing others into it. Any seconders guys?

  • tendai

    So Bla Miki please tell us what is going to become of ur homeboy zanu pf journo..

  • Bla Miki

    People, our cultural and morale values should never be compromised by crazy minority desires from stupid individuals. This journalist is definately not one of us and as such should just be shown the exit door.

  • Bla Miki

    People, our cultural and morale values should never be compromised by crazy minority desires from stupid individuals. This journalist is definately not one of us and as such should just be shown the exit door. Indava kani iwe gudo Tendai

  • Diliza Muthwa Ndlovu

    I have to agree with Makwembere and Pashatwas, they are true progressives. We did not create ourselves and therefore should judge no one else by their nature. As much as we may not like one from the other, they have a right to exist. Infringements are a different story altogether…

  • pragg

    ngochani haishandike nayo kana bhaiberi haribvume utsvina hwakadaro

  • Omugabe

    This lost individual is obviously brainwashed with the christian crap and religious rubbish of the criminal euro invaders.

    The UNNATURAL & ABNORMAL homosexual tendency is a birth/behavioral defect!

    The obvious question then becomes; was this lost African, SODOMIZED AS A CHILD by the pale perverts of the evil euro churches in Africa?

    Whatever the case may be, the MISBEHAVIOR of those with the homosexual birth/behavioral defect MUST BE DISCOURAGED AT ANY COST!

    The solutions are to Cure them, or Closet them, or Confine them, or Castrate them when they sodomized the children.

    This lost individual should be closeted until he’s cured!
    He cannot be allowed to use ignorant, silly arguments, and ridiculous biblical examples of imperfection to promote perversion.

    Highlighting the imperfections of others IS NOT a valid argument in support of homosexual perversion.

    The wise seek to highlight the RIGHT ACTIONS, in order to emulate those right actions.
    The foolish will seek to highlight wrong actions of wrongdoers; and wittingly or unwittingly use those wrong actions as an excuse to ALSO engage in wrong action.

  • Dudu

    Lets be honest people, hw many of us keep the commandments from the bible. Some of you guys have broken most if nt all bt when it comes to gays you want to sound and if you are holy. Am a christian and i think God will judge accordingly bt its wrong for us to judge.

    hanzi, regai zvikurire pamwepo, Mwari baba vachatonga vega.

  • pam

    Dudu i agree with you but do you walk about bragging that you have committed sin? This guy is not even ashamed of himself and i think he should limit his activities to off duty hours. He has embarassed the president i mean seriously how could he do that? couldn’t he wait till he got back home, everyone knows how the old man feels about these things and then you go on to do it to his face? its very disrespectful

  • garikai

    this same sick guy was sent to ivory coast and there again he fell in love with a married gay man. for three days, the two had sex in a hotel and the man’s wife reported her husband missing. when she realised that her husband had been locked up with a male lover, she wrote to the herald lodging a formal complaint.

  • these gays have a right to live yes, but only if they conduct themselves as human beings, failure to do that disqualifies their. These dogs deserves to be locked up for good before they turn zimbabwe into another sodom. Vanhu musangotambira tsika dzevarungu sekunonzi imi hamuna dzenyu. Inga tsika dzedu ndidzo dzainge dzakatonaka wani

  • Pasinavo!

    Hungochani is a foreign concept. I say so bcoz if u go kumusha you will meet albinos but not gays. I grew up kumusha and there is not even one gay I know about. Gays are found in urban centres bcoz pipo mix with foreigners. I agree 100% with Bob’s sentiments ön gays

  • Its so sickening and disgusting.

  • tsuro

    Whilst I feel sorry for gays, assuming that its a natural disability, I encourage them to seek salvation through prayer and not to fight that they should be continuously remain disabled. There is no debate than gay practice is unholy and God condemned it. All homos will go to hell. I have known all our our local society of gays shunning God altogether. They don’t want to be near anywhere near God or God’s works. What should be done by the nation is to forcible take them into custody and give them appropriate treatment.

  • Diliza Muthwa Ndlovu

    Take your laws off my body!! Gays happen to be a minority. I happen to have come across gays at home. When they come to the west, they are more free to express themselves. Let’s face facts about the west, even Mugabe’s longstanding currency with the powers of the world was because of his education and westernization. To say that homosexuality is western is to be naive at the least and ignorant at best. Human conditions exist wherever humans are found. Even Zanu pf casts people into jail so they can be raped by known inmates. It is abhorrent to those with homophobia but that does not do away with its existence. On making a pass, one guy who is actually bi-sexual, said to me, ‘well, u don’t know what you’re gonna catch when you go hunting, so what we have tonight is what we have’. This is someone who just came from home and was in the village!! Not only that, I knew and know some guys with whom we went to school. All-male or all-female boarding schools are breeding grounds for homosexuality. We may not like it but we should not deny it; denial maintains ignorance. What we should ask for is respect and we in turn, should respect others as long as they don’t impinge on us. Two people who have their own God to answer to should have a choice as to how they will answer. There are laws against PDA (Public Display of Affection), sexual harrassment, etc.

  • Mutengesi Chii?


  • Mutororo Akachinja Maitiro

    One of Jonathan Moyo’s promoted girls. From looks I think akabarwa na Jono Moyo na Saviour Kasukuwere?

  • Bruce

    Mutororo and Mutengesi Chii, i thought you were impartial and level headed. But now i see you are hetero-idiots, bloody idiots!

  • Mike Tsarowaro

    Jesus died for Homosexual peoople as well. Are they that irrecoverable and bad that we cannot hope for the best for them? Guys be careful one day you could se Mukondiwa standing with Abraham in heaven, and you ghanshing your teeth in hell’s flames

  • isaacus


  • Anonymous

    its not abt wat Mugabe says but wat does God say abt dis.Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by fire because of dis .BEWARE

  • this gay thing is satanic God hates this.Just check the background of the picture, skulls of human beings.this guy really needs the power of pryer to deliver him.we can argue over the issue until snakes have legs this man/woman will not change without the power of God.

  • gava/pashatwas

    those anti gays souls in our midst, what would you prefer; that gay ppl be so scared of you that they marry your daughters [bona] just to prove that they are manly or let them be

    sexual misconduct is wrong be it by gays or heteros. the guy bonking at work was wrong but what he did in namib, when he was off duty, many guys hook up wiyh prostitutes

    as for emabrrasing the pres, why don’t you think for yourself for once

  • gava

    why do ppl still talk of child bearing as a right of passage. the world is overpopulated. look at street kids kumbare. god said go and procreate when there was a few ppl on earth. now ppl are dying of hunger and sleeping under bushes. when are u gonna wake up

  • God adored

    Imi makadonha mudenga here? Makazvisika here? Sei muchigumirwa nekufunga? Ivo mwari vakasika murume nemukadzi vanopenga here. God is not stupid. Take that veil off your eyes. You wil never never be wiser than God. The Bible is the standard of life, al laws a derived frm there. U gays need to get dwn on yr knees and ask forgiveness frm God, lke it or not. Varume muchazhamba chete zvino kana nguva ichatevera. Munamato wangu mweya mutsvene ashande mamuri varume mubengenuke. Nguva yapera changamukai. Zvakadai zvinonzwisa tsitsi. Vakomana nevasikana zivai mwari nguva ichipo. Homosexuality is not God’s purpose for us.

  • Kanorwara nepfungwa kangochani aka.

  • xaunn

    there is nothing westen or cultural abt gays its a demon that needs to be dealt with period..

  • Bla Miki

    Ugoona kunaka kunoita mukadzi akoma mamuwana anetuzamhu twakati twi-i kumira…uchikarova as per ganda to ganda…..maiwe-e zvangu kaSarah kangu.

  • Gutsoman

    basing on biblical aspects its quiet unacceptable God made Adam and created Eve for him and found it worthwhile. But because of sin vashona vanoti zviita vanhu dombo harina mudonzvo. ukagonzi usachiva nebhaibheri asi unowanikwa uchichiva wani.muchazvirambidza mukasvikepi idzo dziri tsika dzavachena dziri dzacho dzamunoda. zvakadaro siyanai nokupfeka matirauzi

  • gava

    in the bible there are gays, prostitutes, thieves, murderers………. Why are you fixated by gays. drive them underground and see them marrying your daughters. good luck to you and your sinless lives

  • pasinejongwe

    the biggest gays are in zanu pf the hypocrisy here is massive

  • Blar MIKI mungangoti zvenyu mukadzi anonaka. kwavari zvinenge zvichitovafambira. one’s man’s meat is another’s poison. VANENGE VACHITOPISA EVER VIRGIN MARY. Imagine wenyu SARAH paaiva VIRGIN

  • THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO GLORIFY IT IN zIMBABWE PLEASE.These things have always been there from time imemorial but we should never ever allow them to glorify it like in the West esp UK.Its sickening to see them parading their evil ways.Africa is Africa because of its culture and we dont need to be other nationas in order to be called civilised.Personaly I would work with them but never ever associaste with such people outside work nor introduce them to my family members, even just as workmates.


  • RedMan

    Why does the Black man so love the religion of the White man? The White man brought you Jesus, and now Jesus dominates you. You can’t even see out.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you have to discriminate gays? They are so human beings like all of us. They deserve to live freely and happily. You have to pay attention to other pressing issues sevanhu vanorepa vana vadiki. Those are evil people not gays. They do not hurt anyone. Vasieyi murugare. Basa rekutuka magay ini muine masmall house . Go to hell. Stop cheating your wives. Imi ndimi vanhu vakaipa.

  • God’s daughter

    I wish i could change the world, but do not have the power.Everyone is equal in the eyes of God, whether gay, black, white, albino etc.We live in a freee world, where gays also part of the community. Who knows, perhaps yo beloved brother or husband is gay. Pafunge. asikana munhu munhu. dai uri iwe.

  • Mwana akasikwa namwari

    Nhai vanhu imi munoti mwari mwari chechi dzamunoenda ndedzipi? Dzinokubvumidzai kutuka munhu akaksikwa namwari zvakadaro. If this is what u lern in your churches in Zimbabwe, i will never seat in a Zimababwean church again its a waste of time.