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Posted by ZimEye on Monday, March 20, 2017 brings our valued readers and contributors the latest updates in the case of Gillian Zvomuya in which her husband, Norbert Chikerema is on trial for her alleged murder.

The trial is going on at the Birmingham Crown Court.

Norbert Chikerema has pleaded NOT GUILTY, as court documents availed to ZimEye show.

Three important dates were listed in the hearing; The 20th April which will be a Further Directions hearing. By that date, Judge Trudy demanded that he be notified if there are still any problems.

The next date will be the 18th May which will be a plea hearing, and then then final trial which is slisted for the 31st July 2017.

The sentencing if appropriate, will then be announced in due course.

The case opened Monday 20th March. For the second time now, Chikerema appeared in court not physically but via video link. In the last case held in February, Chikerema’s appearance was also arranged via a video link which however became faulty.

As the clock hit 10am this morning, throngs of Zimbabweans mainly friends and relatives arrived for the trial however only to be told that the court papers were neither complete nor ready. The hearing has thus been moved up to May. After May, there will be another date which will conclude the case. Last month, ZimEye was told by the court clerk the final trial will be on the 31st July. It was not clear at the time of writing if the July schedule is still functional.

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