Roman Catholic church to allow Priests, Nuns to have sex


In the NewsThey have been deprived the pleasure of sex for 1,700 years, Roman Catholic Priests together with their Nuns will soon be freed and allowed to marry and enjoy God’s special gift to mankind, a prominent Catholic missionary Priest predicts.

Missionary Priest Fr Shay Cullen who is of Irish origin has claimed that the church will soon abolish celibacy as he described it as a mere ‘business arrangement’ for the Catholic Church, rather than a commandment of God.

Celibacy is a lifeless law imposed by mere human beings not God, hints Fr Shay Cullen, a highly respected Catholic church official who has to date won three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his work saving children from sexual abuse in the Philippines for the past 40 years.

St- Peters Basilica Catholic Cethedral

The world’s oldest Christian institution should now abolish ‘this celibate thing’ and get on with life, argues the prominent priest.

Fr Cullen told Irish broadcaster Gay Byrne on state television station RTE, that celibacy will soon be outdated.

“Celibacy is only a practice mostly to keep property out of the hands of married couples, it’s more sort of a business type of arrangement,

“All of the other Christian churches manage very well. Many Anglicans who were married and had family and children and came over to the Catholics were warmly accepted.

“Now we have many married priests in the Catholic Church and it is working, so why not? It is only another step to abolishing this celibate thing and getting on with life,” he said.



But for almost 1700 years to date, the Catholic church has imposed that for a person to be a Priest or a Nun they have to be celibate. In Zimbabwe alone the country’s former Archbishop for the southern part of the country, Pius Ncube reportedly fell into temptation of intimacy. This year, a Nun from Matebeleland also left the service merely because she had given in to nature’s call.


Child Abuse

Beyond mere temptation and nature, the church’s celibacy requirement is blamed for thousands of child abuse cases which have seen many children across the world being sexually abused by the so called holy men of the cloth.  The Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA)  has summed the number of priests with allegations of sexual abuse for the period 1960-2002 to 4,127.


HIV Aids

. Another complexity to the matter has been the issue of HIV Aids. A reader on an irish website commented:

“I worked with a woman who had sadly, lost a son to AIDS, in 1994. While he was in an HIV section, at old St. Claire’s hospital, in New York City, he met many HIV afflicted priests. Though gay himself, this lady’s son was dismayed that there were so many homosexual priests in the Catholic Church! He felt that the priesthood shouldn’t be a “Gay Men’s Club”, as it was later described in a segment of “60 Minutes.” (ZimEye, UK)

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  • Let the hoes n gays enjoy sex n stand in front of us so that they brainwash us amen

  • nambya

    When i saw the headline i thought the vatican was about to abolish the celibacy thing only to find out that one man of the cloth was merely ‘predicting.’We all know that many of these so called ‘predictions’ never come to pass save for those from tb joshua

  • Jumpdaki

    Nambya prediction and prophecy are two different things. Now I comprehend why you normaly dont talk.

  • kissmore mudapakati

    Vanenge vagona chaizvo vanzwewo kutapira kwezvunhu zvatakagadzirirwa namwari achinatsozvipa nguva achigadzirira vanhu vake

  • Hypocrites,ko akati mutemo wokusasangana murume nemukadzi vakapikira kushandira mwari ndiani?ivo vachikwira vana,kuitawo here?nxa

  • Very good news but sad for people like Pius Ncube as they may not live to witness this,iam told chirwere chakamunama zvingaite.

  • Greyhora

    It is a stupid law. I hope they go ahead and do away with it! Then khule Pius can do his thing without Chando and Bla Miki watchin his behind.

  • Bla Miki

    Gayhurre uyu Pius akatorangwa naMwari isu chatakaita paari kubudisa huipi hwaiva maari achihwanda nemdc. I am so happy with this arrangement! Kedebu here vakomana munhu anostroka paMakumbi Mission apo tauya isu. Nyaya iyi imbomirai kuiudza Kwirison aka Morgan Tsvangirai, vana vangapera

  • Anonymous

    The church will not allow this sex thing in Zimbabwe, too much pox and HIV around.

  • Abdul waheed uranda

    Sex, is nature wheather yu like it or not God created it like that.And this the most weakness of human beang in this world.

  • I’ve written about this very thing in my latest book: Secrecy, Sophistry And Gay Sex In The Catholic Church; The Systematic Destruction Of An Oblate Priest.

  • This school of thought should be on fast treck so as the priest and nuns could enjoy being human and godly biblically.

    The second step in the universal church is to fight udultery and gayism strongly

  • Dabulap

    It would be a good thing but I understand the decision lies with the Pope and he hasn’t issued that statement.

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    From an uncle in the Catholic Priesthood:

    “No, it’s not fair; the RC can’t abolish such a law when we were denied for decades. Now we are old and are no longer good for anything, they want to open the flood gates… Of course we had our discreet moments of expressing venery, now they want to make it common. We ask: Why were we denied pleasure all along?”

    Sorry old man, such is the law of man – it is subject to change!

  • Gweks

    regai vanhu vaite zvavanoda, iwe zvaunoita zvabvunzwa naani as if the person will be coming to your house, if he is going to be judged ndiyeka nhai dzako itsitsi dzei nxaaaaaaaaa

  • chimuti chikudo

    Hama vanhu ava vakangofanana nesu mafeelings haaperi nokunamata, saka sunungurai vanhu vawane zvinoita kuti life ienderere mberi vasingasuwi zvinodiwa nenyama. ko imi munozvidya zuva rega rega moti ivo vangadiivo

  • This is a good thing to do. God created man and women to be fruitful and multiply so whats all the crap abt not having sex.

  • Ndiayani asingazive pasi rino rose ku DINJI rinobviro zipa. Ndiyani mukadzi asingazive kuti pasi pano hapana chinhu chotapira kunge ZITSVIMBO RABABA. Siyai vanhu vakwizane. Ini ndiri fata yangu yakatosvuuka nekukwira manun pachechi pedu. Bhora mberi hapana chekumirira apa

  • dan

    i like your dreams zim eye i hope you get blessed for your weird ideas

  • anonymus

    to tell the truth ,one cannot run away from the forces of nature.These priests and nuns,have got genes,they have hormones i.e they have feelings.Let them marry so that they cannot be led into temptations.Inga wani bhaibheri rakataura kuti berekanai muwande sejecha regungwa,so how can we multiply if the nuns are restricted from from sex and marriage…..

  • charm

    excuse me anonymous why do you use the bible to suit your need. how many single women are there who are not giving birth are they not touched by the same bible you talk about. shallow arguement

  • Anonymous

    Ukaona vanhu vachibirira kuratidza kuti vanozvida.let them be free & enjoy nature & the pleasures that comes with it.

  • Anonymous


  • jogirafi

    Well, if celebracy is looked at a cross then i think we are missing the point. But if it is looked at as way of life and a way of loving then it makes sense i think. Sex is not everything in life though many priests may find themselves indulging… That people fail is not a reason to abolish a value…it still remains a value, a standard that many people can still gravitate towards aware that they are humans and they depend on the goodness of God.

  • Cd Tambawoga

    I thing they just have to allow the thing chete . Hapana nyaya apa.

  • Anonymous

    Kana movatendedza mungwarire madhara nemachembere aya akambostarviwa kwenguva refu vangamhanya bani nokuti imombe dzinenge dzabva kusina huswa

  • I am glad to know that there is one person who knows that there is more to life than only sex in the whole world. Let those who can’t do without continue and those who can do without and enjoy their way of life as they wish too. God is watching and is aware of our strengths and weaknesses. Chenjerai vakomana. don’t just talk God is the Just Judge who knows our hidden sins. If nuns and priests are fooling the world hell is their destiny if there is one SAKA I SAY MUTONGI NDIMWARI ISU NGATIISIYEI KWAARI MUSIKI WAVO.On the day of judgement I fear to be asked questions on all judgements I have made on other people.

  • Philomena Carolan

    You can’t say that priests andnuns are fooling the world, don’t be cruel by tarring them all with the same brush, there are decent priests and nuns out there you know, our priest is a good man. It is so unfair to say things like that, how would you like it if people were saying wrong things about you, you would want the chance to support yourself to say you are not like all of the others, so leave the goods clergy, nuns and monks alone, that is awful, I am sorry but it is, I mean everyone is entitled to their opinion but don’t generalise. Thank you