Tsvangirai Mayor Exonerates Mugabe


Terrence Mawawa, Masvingo| MDC-T Mayor for the City of Masvingo, Councillor Hubert Fidze, stunned all and sundry when he vindicated President Robert Mugabe after local residents exerted pressure on him to confront the nonagenarian over unpaid government bills.

Fidze shocked residents and stakeholders at a recent meeting in Masvingo when he defended Mugabe saying the government was not to blame for their failure to service the huge debt.
Residents of the ancient city demanded that Fidze and his delegation of councillors should confront Mugabe over the unpaid government bills said to be pegged at a shocking $12 million dollars.

In latest figures seen by ZimEye.com, the Zimbabwe National army owes the city council $8 million in unpaid water bills while the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services owe the city council $2,5 and $2 million respectively.

The city council has stepped up efforts to disconnect water supplies for residents with unpaid bills yet the local authority is scared of confronting the respective government departments. After being besieged by local Residents, Fidze said there was need to understand the government had no money to pay the bills.

“Why do you put pressure on us ?You must understand that President Mugabe’s government has no money at the moment. Some of your demands are far fetched.You have to keep on paying your bills. If you stop paying council will collapse. Why do you have to focus on what others are doing? Let us be realistic,” said Fidze.

Fidze uttered the controversial remarks after angry residents urged him to confront Mugabe in order to retrieve millions of dollars owed to the local authority by the government.

The irate residents said the council should immediately inform Mugabe about the unpaid bills adding the government contributed to the poor service delivery by the city council.

It is understood Fidze is in trouble with his bosses in the MDC-T after he allegedly sanctioned council’s donation towards Mugabe’s birthday bash in February. Party hardliners perceive he is sympathetic to Mugabe.

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