Why Is President Mnangagwa Allowing Gun Toting Soldiers To Beat Up Innocent People?



What are soldiers still doing on Zimbabwe’s streets making it look as if Zimbabwe is at war? Why are soldiers being allowed to act like policemen as they go about beating up women and kids? – These were some of the questions that dogged social platforms yesterday and the development comes following two videos of women being assaulted one of them which is below – .

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  • phibion

    Kangaroo courts are being held at road blocks this has to stop

  • Solidarity March

    Noo its just the begginning , If you thought Robert was the devil just wait and see ,
    solidarity march kkk my ass

  • analisisi

    but the video above ,if u analyse it ,shws that the women is actualy violently following the soldier,and holding his cloth ….If m not mistaken, im seeing kuti that women is actually harrassing the soldier,,,,maybe because of a debt,,,

  • analisisi

    the other one on a lorn ground