ZAOGA Pastor died “because of too much fasting”


(Harare)A Pastor with the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa(ZAOGA) church suffered a medical breakdown and subsequently lost her life as a result of engaging too much fasting, some church members of ZAOGA have claimed.

Evangelist Hilda Bvunzawabaya who was the talk of the church worldwide, died because of constantly abstaining from nourishing her body through eating as she sought a higher spirituality, Church members claim.

“She died because of much fasting,” said one church member who declined being named.

In one video seen by ZimEye in 2007, the physically weak Evangelist upon arriving in London, required walking assistance while on stage as she stated that she had been without food for a number of days and was still fasting on the very day of preaching.

Moreover, every church member interviewed by ZimEye testified how that the pastor always talked about fasting in almost all her messages. One pastor who once housed the Evangelist told ZimEye how Mrs Bvunzawabaya constantly referred to the exercise and in a sermon in his church, she preached specifically about the importance of fasting.

RIP... Hilda Bvunzawabaya

“She used to engage in absolute fasting …for days” said the pastor who again declined being named and stated that he remembers a time when he himself used to fast to the point of rejecting his own saliva while in the act of trying to impress God.

But information coming out of their head office in Harare merely stated that she died ‘of long illness’ and appeared to contradict what the church members allege.
“…she died after long illness,” said one pastor with the church.

It however also became apparent that a search for Evangelist Bvunzawabaya’s name on the church’s website showed she was not on the web server’s database, despite being a prominent icon of the church.

Many church members admired Evangelist Bvunzawabaya and regarded her as a mother and a hero. Said one church friend named only as Linda Munjoma on the 25th November: “Mama. I cant believe kuti when I saw her last week it was a goodbye. Ranga riri gamba iri[She was a hero]. Vapedza pavo zvasarire isu[She has finished her bit and left us to finish the rest]. May her soul rest in internal peace.”

Another church member stated: “she’ll be greatly missed….R.I.P great woman of God!”

While a statement from the ZAOGA church is awaited, pastors of other churches have warned Christians to be careful of engaging in excessive acts of piety which are mere acts of impressing God and will result in self righteousness.

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  • What a strange way to die,I hope she is having a good meal with god

  • leonard mbundire

    Dai kutsanya kwaiuraya dai ishe akafa paya paaka ita 40 days asina kudya. Vanhu avono taura nekusaziva saka vachitaura zvava singazive

  • pakati

    i am sure she was taken form earth the moment she got to Enoc level of understanding God

  • stupid way to to day.

  • Bla Miki

    Mrs Bvunzawabaya was a devoted christian. She was a loving mother, a mentor, professional and successful business woman who together with Cde Ray Kaukonde built an empire called AMC. I worked under the supervision of her eldest son Douglas and can therefore safely say she was indeed God’s messanger. RI P amai. My deepest sympathy to Doug and family

  • R.I.P Amai, tichasangana kana takunda. Makarwa kurwa kwakanaka

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    Igamba remagamba muhondo yaShe. R.I.P. mama. I don’t believe she died of fasting. This kind of writing will discourage many Christians from engaging in this holy exercise, necessary to defeat the devil…

  • Shobele(ShonaNdebele)

    R.I.P amai. God chooses who to take, when to take and how to take. Bla Miki handaiziva kuti rurimi rwenyu runogarotuka rwunogona kuumba mashoko akarurama

  • Bla Miki

    Shobele, chakanaka ngachipembedzwe nehunaku hwacho. Am surprised people just talk rubbish considering pros and cons. This woman was a gift from God but she was also diebetic. Izvi zvinyorwa zvemubhawa hazvina kunaka izvi

  • mafirakureva

    A Human being can survive for 40days and 40 nights without food , but needs water to constantly hydrate the body. Fasting does not kill, she could have been sick nezvimwewo zvirwere zvaida kudya then she denied herself food, you will obviously die! Legend has it that the founder of Bhuddhiism fasted for 41 days living on a single grain of Rice a day, but he did not die.Mhomz ava vakafa neDiabetes, fullstop!

  • Tangai f chipwanya

    rest in peace mama.u left a big imprint on the spiritual arena.u were a role model 2 me

  • Anonymous

    uyu ndiyo reporter arikuhumana.

  • julliana zivanai

    bla miki ndakuziva its a small world uzvibate

  • stephen j milanzi

    R.I.P, mother of all intercessors.

  • muonioni

    she died fasting? If it is so, thn i admire tht. She left a gud testimony. I pray tht she can be a seed plnted dwn. May e spirit of prayer&frastng thrive. Amen.

  • Anonymous

    Utaure zvaunoziva ,jesus will judge your words

  • Samaodza

    Mama left tt can not be filled. she s a hero o e army o god. RIP

  • Pastor Eddy

    Some people are blessed 2 leave a legacy that stays even after they are long gone Mama bvunza was that person who lived 4 others say whatever but God has the final say

  • people must not compromise circumustances kana mashaya zvekunyora nyorai tsuro nagudo magrade one awane chekuverenga vazodziwa vamwari wekudenga siyanai navo vamureporter munozvitsvakira kutukwa inga manga makura zvakanaka wani mai ava ndakamboona nemeso angu vachitukwa nechidhakwa chirimungoro ivo vachiparidza zidavi remuti rikadambuka rikapaza musoro wechidhakwa chikafira ipapo so be careful l believe even her bones can do something like those of Elisha

  • Evangelist Tendai Marimo

    One thing that i know z dat Evangelist Hilda Bvunza was a gret woman of God who turned many from e snare of e devil 2 e kingdom of Jesus Christ, fastin or not signs & wandaz folod her gospel a gret intercesor. You liv a mark in my lyf R.I.P Evangelist

  • Evangelist Tendai Marimo

    Im glad that Evangelist died in e way of e Lod her gret weks wil oweyz b misd as she used 2sing “tinosangana kudenga neropa raJesu tichasanganiswa” 4shuwa tichasanga she neva compromisd she lavd e wek of God mo than anything e memoriz a 2gud 2 4get R.I.P

  • we deeply miss her everngelistic and inspering masseges may her soul rest in peas