Zimbabwe Slapped with Sanctions Over Elephant Kidnapping
17 January 2015
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More than 30 Travel Agents have slapped on Zimbabwe travel sanctions through their businesses protesting over government’s kidnapping of baby elephants to go on sale in the European Union and China.
In a development that is set to hit hard on the tourism industry as thousands of tourists are blocked, bosses of at least 31 agents have reportedly instructed their  employees to block Zimbabwe visits for their clients. This came following revelations that Zimbabwe is planning to sell about 60 elephants to foreign buyers.
This comes at a time when some environmentalists are attacking the country for selling baby elephants to China and other countries.
Chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Taskforce, Johnny Rodrigues, said most tourists are upset about the sale of baby elephants, which has been strongly defended by Acting Environment Minister Walter Mzembi. Click to listen
Each elephant is expected to fetch a paltry $6,000.
But Mzembi tells Studio 7’s Ntungamili Nkomo there is no going back on selling the elephants, adding Zimbabwe has even exported animals to countries like the United States.