ZANU Youth Leaders Abusing Members for Political-Sex
4 March 2017
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By Dr. Masimba Mavaza | Without naming any individual politician, the truth hovers over us, that political leaders are abusing youths for their immoral gain.

These are the same leaders who once in government, the selected leaders become untouchable cult warlords.

The poor youth are very easy to appease as they are motivated by prosperity promises and in the hope of benefiting, they are abused and then dumped after an event.

These ruthless corrupt individuals take advantage of poverty and re-offend prying on the vulnerable youth.

The so called youth leaders bribe the vulnerable youth with alcohol, food and also force them into submission.

The youths fund raise for the birthday of his excellency and loving friends of the party donate handsomely. Some companies donate fuel and some individuals donate cash and food. The youth are promised heaven and earth and in honour of their leader they flock to the great Matopos to celebrate the icon.

It is sad that the youth go hungry. Some have to walk back home. Who has pocketed the cash? This abuse if it is left unchecked will destroy the name of the party and soil the legacy of the birthday boy.

A nasty fight erupted in Chiredzi when one comrade was assured of support to become the next MP. He was asked to donate cash for transport to Matopos only to discover that the cash ended up landing in some dirty hands. The real victim of all these scams is the party.

It is not a secret that ZANU PF is a straight forward party, but it has been invaded by straight forward thieves who put their selfish needs ahead of the party’s. Messing up the youth during the time of elections is sabotage.

At the end of the day the top leaders give credit to the organisers and the youth leadership. None of them come back to get a feedback from the grassroots.

The party is being devoured by vultures who get rich quick without shame using the party’s name.

The youth aspire to be great and serve their nation. They are promised everything and they get nothing. Those who complain are sidelined bullied silenced or seriously harmed.

These crooks in our party regalia decorated with high positions, are an embarrassment to the youth they are abusing.

They get all the glory for a successful event but the poor walk home with nothing. These slogan screaming youth leaders have been sheltering the criminals and goons in their ranks to use to intimidate any who dares to question.



The youth are the leaders.


The youth are among the most economically disadvantaged but they are the leaders of today. Their lives are backward and those in districts are the worse off and yet they grace every function with zeal and fire only to return home tired black like charcoal because their leaders have forgotten where they have put the money for fuel.


What must be done to stop all this? Action against such people who dangle carrots before the poor youth and stretch their patience should be taken.

Guns of the law must be turned at the Party thieves and the truth be exposed. This rot must be taken out for the party’s good with no fear or favour. – The President’s legacy must not be soiled by the get rich quick thugs.

No one is bigger than the party.  – [email protected].