Mujuru Under Pressure To Ditch Mavhaire, Nyandoro
14 December 2017
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National People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru is under pressure to abandon some of her closest allies accused of fomenting discord in the party.

The NPP has been hit by serious defections of members, who accuse Mujuru of being misled by the party’s national chairperson Dzikamai Mavhaire and her spokesperson, Gift Nyandoro.

Nyandoro doubles up as the NPP’s secretary-general.

A national executive member of the NPP told the Daily News yesterday that eight provincial executives have since met and resolved to petition Mujuru to do away with Nyandoro and Mavhaire because their actions were weakening the party.

“We handed our petition to the vice president (John Shumba) Mvundura, registering our displeasure at the way the party is being run. We made it clear in our petition that we want Nyandoro out,” said the NPP provincial executive member.

Over 100 members of NPP met in Harare on Tuesday, where they said they need serious engagement with Mujuru.

The members went on to present her with a 19-page petition, detailing their grievances.

Among some of the issues they want addressed include “the unconstitutional suspension and expulsions of certain members from the party; unwarranted dismissals and the imposition of unelected leadership; the existence in high offices of a vindictive cabal bent on destroying the party and the urgent need to genuinely include youths in the running of the party.”

“It is with the gravest concern that we note the subversion of the will of the people within the party, which people we aspire to serve. As a democratic entity, it is our sincere hope and great expectation that we should start practicing democracy within the party by respecting the voice and will of members.

“Now, dismissing members while replacements are already on standby simply smacks of conspiracy right at the top echelons of power within the party and should therefore be found a cause for concern and dealt with accordingly and with the urgency it deserves,” the party members said in the petition.

Nyandoro was not taking calls and did not respond to a text message sent to him seeking his comment.

Mavhaire’s phone was not reachable.

The party’s national youth chair Lloyd Masiya told the Daily News on the sidelines of the meeting on Tuesday that they will seek to engage Mujuru further on their concerns, and will take the necessary steps based on her reaction.

“What we are going to do is that we are first going to deal with what led us to be where we are today. The president has opened the door to discuss the issues. We are telling the people that have gathered today that let’s enter the door that has been opened and be able to see that we progressively move together.

“As we engage with the president, we wait for her and act based on her response.”- Daily News