“We Are Looting Food Relief Donations’, Hungwe Blows Out Again
20 December 2017
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Terrence Mawawa, Masvingo | Masvingo State Minister Josaya Dunira Hungwe has raised concern that government officials are looting food aid and other donations meant for the socially disadvantaged.

Speaking in Masvingo yesterday Hungwe said fellow government officials were stealing donations thereby depriving the socially disadvantaged people of the right to access food aid.

“We are responsible for the looting of food aid meant for the socially disadvantaged.

Let us desist from such bad habits.The people are watching us so we have to be very careful.

Those who are stealing the donations are part of us so if you do not reprimand them, they will soil our image,” said Hungwe.

Hungwe also threatened to expose senior Zanu PF and government officials he claimed were abusing donations meant for the socially disadvantaged groups in the province.

“You are part of us and we know you.We will soon expose you,” said Hungwe.