Levy Nyagura Deserves The Arrest, ZINASU
17 February 2018
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It has been three years since we called for Grace Mugabe’s bogus PhD to be withdrawn from the University of Zimbabwe.

After the engagements with the then vice chancellor Levi Martin Nyagura, we realised that the natty professor was adamant and after all part and parcel of the cabal that illegally and foolishly awarded Grace Marajuta Marufu Mugabe a PhD.

Early this year the union through its president Achibald Madida wrote a letter to Nyagura giving him 48 hours to resign as the vice chancellor.

We today received a refreshing phone call for the union to witness the arrest of Nyagura.

This man!
Levi Nyagura has overstayed at the university and has presided over the collapse of the same. He like Tobaiwa Toneth Mudede was supposed to be retired long time ago.

We salute every student who fought this fight till the end, the lawyers who represented students in difficult times in defence of administrative justice.

Keep Your Eyes & Ears Open On The Way Forward!

As for now its Aluta Continua.

In Defence of Academic Freedom!!

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